Association for Interdisciplinary Research

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AIR is a newcomer to the corporate landscape of New Eden, a sort of "disruptor" start-up in the tech industry. AIR was founded by two entrepreneurs who split from their respective corporations to create their own: Elida Balashirian, formerly of the Sisters of EVE, and Daisuke Ojala, formerly of the Ishukone Corporation. Both left their respective corporations in good standing, and have used the connections they formed there to help kickstart AIR's research and development projects. Their former organizations have been tremendously helpful when it comes to sharing knowledge and resources (from data to ships) so long as AIR is as willing to share the fruits of their own labor.

Focused heavily on research and development of new technologies across multiple industries, AIR is something of a jack of all trades organization. The company has subdivisions that cover everything from combat-oriented technology, industrial and economic endeavors, and exploration-focused pursuits. One of their current projects involves the study, refinement, and iteration of neural data transfer and cloning technologies.

The corporation has launched a new pilot program–the Capsuleer Training Program–that involves testing their newly developed proprietary neural data transfer and cloning tech on aspiring capsuleers as a part of the AIR Capsuleer Training Program.


AIR Laboratories

AIR Laboratories is the division of AIR that focuses on developing and testing groundbreaking new technologies. The division is responsible for the oversight and management of the AIR Capsuleer Training Program. AIR keeps their new and improved tech top secret. No one outside the organization has access to it.