32-GI9 is a solar system in Stain which is claimed by Sansha's Nation. It is a dead-end system, with only a single stargate out, and is for the most part completely unremarkable. However, its fourth planet is inhabited by a small colony supposedly composed of True Citizens.


32-GI9 was one of many solar systems explored during the heyday of the 51st Exploration Corps. The explorers found the system nearly completely unremarkable, with five barren planets, three gas giants, a single ocean world with an undeveloped ecosystem, and a similarly primitive temperate. Assaying done upon the terrestrial worlds showed little of interest, so the corps passed it on without even naming it.

It wasn't until centuries later that the system was visited again, when it was one of many purchased by Sansha Kuvakei to begin forming his Nation. Sansha established several mining colonies on the barrens and moons in order to obtain materials for his fleet. The colonies were a minor but consistent source of metals for the burgeoning Nation.

When the four empires descended on Sansha's Nation, 32-GI9 served as the site of a major battle. The debris from the battle, which was overwhelmingly won by the attackers, remains floating in space. Wreckage of several early Sansha's Nation ships litter the site. The colonies involved with mining were bombarded, utterly wiping them off the surfaces.

However, the solitary colony on the temperate planet, consisting primarily of scientists and philosophers, was left unscathed. In the aftermath of the Nation's destruction, the majority of these loyalists either fled or died off, leaving the colony a ghost colony. However, when capsuleers ventured through the system decades later, scans of the planet revealed a few thousand inhabitants, though attempts to contact them went unanswered.

Corporate Notoriety

The colony on 32-GI9 IV gained some small measure of notoriety in corporate security circles following the theft of some research from an outpost by a scientist named Szekel in a system a few jumps away. After investigation, corporate security discovered that the outpost overseer, Kartanen Sedia, had been saving money to purchase a home on 32-GI9. Years earlier, Sedia's prior outpost had been attacked and overrun by Sansha's Nation. The two events were deemed unlikely to be a coincidence, which led to Sedia's punishment.

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