Aidonis Elabon

Aidonis Elabon was a presidentof the Gallente Federation, and to many is the greatest president the Federation has ever known.

In his time the young and energetic president took the lead in bringing the empires together when, to many, it seemed the world was destined for bitter warfare for the foreseeable future. He was a driving force in intergalactic peace and was the prime catalyst behind the creation of CONCORD, during the empires' meeting at the historic Yoiul conference. He also set in motion the peace talks between the Gallente and Caldari to end their long war, though the final peace was only signed some years later, after Aidonis's death.

Upon his death his will called for a Foundation to be set up in his name, one responsible for rewarding those persons that most upheld Aidonis's vision for peace and prosperity in the world of New Eden.

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