Bethora is an Amarr Holder who is part of the Ardishapur Family. She has a son, Keral, and a personal manservant, Javies. Though she is described as strict and proper, she allows Javies to make complaints because of his long track-record of service.

Lifestyle and sidesteps

Because of her royal status she is able to live opulently, and regularly entertains merchants, religious officials, and tradesmen in her private quarters on board a station. She enjoys little pleasures, like drinking tea and travelling into space, considering the latter quieter and simpler than planet-side life.

Her husband was a workaholic who met an untimely death. After his death, she began to push her son to achieve greater things. At some point, she had a brief affair with Bater, a Holder whose wife, Raana, she was acquainted with.

The race

She briefly met with Raana, who was also the mother of Selan, shortly before their two children were to participate in a race. During the race, her son's ship crashed and Keral was fatally wounded. Rather than allow him to die, she ordered the doctors to clone him, despite the Scriptural doctrine of Sacred Flesh forbidding royals Amarr flesh from being cloned.

The cloning procedure, forced to be done under secrecy without proper safety precautions, ended up giving Keral irreparable brain damage, leaving him incapable of properly functioning.

As Selan, who had been serving as Keral's partner in the competition, had died in the same crash, Raana blamed Bethora for the accident, believing her to have pressured the boys into using an illegal prototype rig that had malfunctioned and caused the crash. Similarly, she realized what Bethora had done and vowed to expose her heresy.

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