Brother Joshua

Brother Joshua is a Speaker of Truths, an Amarr religious official that, among his other duties, holds a right of judgment second only to the Emperor. He is known for intervening in a crisis inside the Kor-Azor region and ultimately delivering judgment against Aritcio Kor-Azor.

Brother Joshua's involvement in the Kor-Azor crisis was first rumored following the Holder revolt on Liparer II. He officially appeared several days later, right as the Kor-Azor Family navy was planning on bombarding the planet's largest settlement. Joshua ordered the navy to withdraw and began an investigation into allegations against Aritcio.

While travelling through the region and hearing further grievances against Aritcio, Brother Joshua was frequently attacked by a variety of forces, and it was only through the efforts of various loyalist capsuleer groups that he survived. Once Brother Joshua had completed his investigation, he travelled to the royal palace of the Kor-Azor Family and, accompanied by a large number of holders, confronted Aritcio directly.

After listing several of Aritcio's crimes, Brother Joshua revealed that he sought a piece of flesh for every one of Aritcio's misdeeds. Though Aritcio was an Heir and the penance would be reduced significantly, the number of crimes meant this would surely kill him. After some persuasion from Aritcio's military advisor, Brother Joshua decreed that Aritcio would be spared death. Instead, he would have pieces of himself cut away until there was almost nothing left, then be healed by a cellular regenerator, only for the process to repeat itself until the full extent of his crimes had been atoned for.

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