Brutor Tribe

The Brutor are marked by a disciplined stoicism and deeply spiritual cast of mind that combine to project a sense of nobility around the people of this tribe. While the Brutor have a traditional mindset, they suffered great loss of cultural heritage and knowledge of their history during the Amarr occupation. The great physical strength of the average Brutor made them a favorite target of the Amarr slavers, and many of their traditional lands were essentially depopulated by the time of the Great Rebellion. The fascination of the Amarr with the Brutor was not restricted to simply using them as slave labor. Amarr scientists used the Brutor in many eugenics programs and efforts at breeding certain characteristics. The Human Endurance Program was the most notorious and long lived of such efforts, touching every tribe in some respect, and had a profound impact on the Brutor.

To the occasional annoyance of the other tribes, the Brutor consider themselves responsible for the freedom of the entire Minmatar people and make no bones about standing on this claim for political purposes when it suits them. The fact that a large proportion of the total Brutor population of New Eden remains enslaved in the Amarr Empire does give some moral force to the claim. The tendency toward a certain arrogance and their preference for militancy over diplomacy is often a source of tension with other tribes. In this respect, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor is, for a Brutor, a paragon of patience and statecraft.

The Brutor sense of responsibility for the entirety of the Minmatar is perhaps best exemplified by their deep concern for the welfare and future of the Starkmanir tribe. The Brutor themselves originated as a splinter tribe from the Starkmanir and they often support the returned remnants of their distant relatives. Given their deep concern for the fate of the republic, the Brutor make up a large portion of the Minmatar military and are present in considerable numbers in all service arms of the republic. While not tending to scientific or technical proficiency as a rule, the Brutor are perfectly capable of a high level of thought and action. It would be a mistake to dismiss a Brutor as a mere hulking barbarian simply due to his physicality.