Bryd Krooear

Bryd Krooear is a Minmatar boy and a former inhabitant of A'Beef, where he had been raised on the colony since birth.

Bryd was chosen one day to serve House Tash-Murkon. While awaiting his departure, and the start of his personal servitude to the Heir, he was pressed into a temporary grouping of children likewise chosen by that same house, and forced to fight the intended servants of other houses.

When he was told he had to attack the group that contained his friend Arbjan Haede, he lost courage and hid. Arbjan's group later found him, however, and attacked him, though he was unsure if Arbjan was among them. His own group found them and intervened, and Byrd once again escaped.

He was found later by Sispur Kreal, one of his friends, and tearfully related the story to him. He then told Sispur that the latter had been chosen to serve Chamberlain Karsoth, prompting Sispur to leave him behind.

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