Caldari Corporations

Caldari Corporations

The Caldari State is a corporate state through and through, controlled by eight powerful megacorporations and with a myriad of corporate entities operating at every level of society.

State Organizations

While the Caldari State is controlled by the megacorps, the strong national cohesion of the State has led to a number of corporations fulfilling various roles found in the central governments of other empires.

Chief Executive Panel

The Chief Executive Panel is a political entity jointly owned and run by the Caldari mega corporations. The CEOs of the mega corporations sit on the board of the Panel and make sure the mega corporations don't go overboard in competing with each other, smoothing over potential conflicts before they escalate out of control. The Panel also handles the foreign policy of the Caldari State. It is the closest thing to a Caldari government as there ever will be.

Caldari Business Tribunal

The Caldari are not known to bicker over lost deals or ruthless competition, but when they do, this is the place they come to. The tribunal is the only organization within the Caldari State authorized to cancel deals or agreements made between companies.

Caldari Navy

The Caldari Navy is smaller in personnel and total ships than both the Federation Navy and the Imperial Navy, yet they have more battleships than any other fleet and the average age of the Caldari ships is considerably less. This is because the Caldari are constantly replacing their oldest ships with newer ones, with better hi-tech equipment. The strategic doctrine of the Caldari Navy is simple: to be able to defeat any other navy in the world. Most experts believe it is.

House of Records

The fragmentation of the Caldari government has often proved to be problematic when it comes to documenting events, deals and communications. The House of Records was set up by the Caldari mega corporations to act as a central source for all this information. Information on all transactions, business deals and governmental involvements within the State must be sent here and are stored in huge data banks.

State Peacekeepers

The Caldari State required little in the way of ground troops until the reconquest of Caldari Prime and the war over Black Rise. Previously, the megacorporations saw to the security and peace of their own ground territories. The emergency conditions of the occupation of Caldari Prime called for the formation of the State Peacekeepers, a force that is now established as an arm of the Caldari military.

State Protectorate

We are the State, and we have claimed our long-lost homeland. Now we are at war; united, whole and full of fire and purpose. The State calls you, capsuleer, for it needs your strength and your leadership to fend off the encroaching Gallente menace. The State will not fall. Join us. Fight. Conquer.

The Megacorps

The ruling "Big 8" megacorps are overwhelmingly dominant powers in the Caldari State, operating as sovereigns within the corporate state and controlling the lives of the vast majority of Caldari citizens.

CBD Corporation

The CBD Corporation is one of the biggest exporters/importers in Caldari space. The corporation has established trade links far and wide, with a huge amount of goods in constant fluctuation.

Hyasyoda Corporation

Hyasyoda is one of the oldest of the Caldari mega corporations, having been formed shortly after first contact with the Gallenteans when the Caldari were still in the Industrial Age. It's conservative and cautious, but adheres to the old saying: "Only the paranoid survive."

Ishukone Corporation

Ishukone was for a long time the feeblest of the Caldari mega corporations, but contact with the Jovians changed that. Ishukone was the first company to establish trade links with the Jovians and received the capsule technology from the Jovians, which made Ishukone billions of ISK in revenue before other companies could catch up. Ishukone is still reaping the rewards of their good relations with the Jovians and it possesses the most advanced technology outside Jove space.

Kaalakiota Corporation

The largest of the Caldari mega corporations, the KK, as it is commonly known as, has its fingers in most everything. They are manufacturers, distributors, retailers and researchers, as well as being a formidable voice in Caldari politics. Their great rivals in both business and politics is the Sukuuvestaa Corporation.

Lai Dai Corporation

Lai Dai has always advocated quality over quantity and their products have always been of the highest standard. Lai Dai has an energetic research program and rivals the great Ishukone in technological achievements.

Nugoeihuvi Corporation

The only Caldari mega corporation that has focused on the entertainment industry. NOH, as they're commonly called, have always been suspected of strong ties to the Caldari underworld, mainly because many of their products cater to that social element or are on the borderline of legality.

Sukuuvestaa Corporation

Sukuuvestaa, or SuVee as it is commonly called, is the largest real estate dealer within the Caldari State, it is estimated that they and the companies under them own nearly 40% of all land in Caldari space. SuVee is the second largest of the Caldari mega corporations and is known for its ruthless, often unethical, business practices.

Wiyrkomi Corporation

Wiyrkomi is one of the two Caldari mega corporations where the largest shareholders is a family. Wiyrkomi is still owned by the founding Seituoda family, a name that has always been associated with honor and trustworthiness in Caldari business.

Corporate Security

Each of the "Big 8" megacorps maintains their own fleets and armies, with the combined forces of the corporate security forces considerably outnumbering the official State armed forces.

Corporate Police Force

Corporate Police Force is the police and security arm of the Hyasyoda mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Home Guard

Home Guard is the police and security arm of the Kaalakiota mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Internal Security

Internal Security is the police and security arm of the NOH mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Ishukone Watch

Ishukone Watch is the police and security arm of the Ishukone mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Lai Dai Protection Service

Lai Dai Protection Service is the police and security arm of the Lai Dai mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Peace and Order Unit

Peace and Order Unit is the police and security arm of the Sukuuvestaa mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Spacelane Patrol

Spacelane Patrol is the police and security arm of the CBD mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Wiyrkomi Peace Corps

Wiyrkomi Peace Corps is the police and security arm of the Wiyrkomi mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

Commercial Subsidiaries

Most Caldari corporations are subsidiaries of one of the "Big 8" megacorps, though some are joint enterprises and a few are nominally independent or family-owned companies.

Caldari Constructions

After the great exodus during the Caldari Breakout when the Caldari left their home planet, a new state had to be built from the scratch in very short time. Caldari Constructions was one of the companies that participated in that great effort and it has been living on this past achievement ever since. Though not very active any more in the wheeling and dealing of power politics it still holds some very valuable cards on its hand.

Caldari Funds Unlimited

Caldari Funds Unlimited is an umbrella organization for many of the largest pension funds in the Caldari State. These funds have extremely deep pockets, but they are also extremely careful what they do with their money. The CFU has participated in some great investment programs in the past, but they refrain from anything that is remotely risky.

Caldari Provisions

Caldari Provisions is one of the companies that were created by war veterans of the Gallente-Caldari War. Specializing in the distribution of supply and logistics, Caldari Provisions have carved themselves a nice little niche within the Caldari State and are looking towards expanding their operation in other empires.

Caldari Steel

Founded during the Gallente-Caldari War to feed the Caldari war machine. Changed focus slightly after the war but still prides itself of its missile systems.

CBD Sell Division

Originally part of the mother company CBD, the CBD Sell Division was made independent some years ago in an effort to revitalize the stale retail business of the company. This paid off and the Sell Division has shown steady profit ever since it was created.

Deep Core Mining Inc.

Deep Core Mining is a young company that was founded on the basis of a revolutionary new mining drill technology. This new technology, details of which have never been revealed, gives much higher yield than older techniques and has promoted DCM to the top echelon of mining companies very quickly.

Echelon Entertainment

Echelon Entertainment was created by the Kaalakiota Corporation as a direct answer to NOH. Though NOH still has an overwhelming market share in the entertainment industry Echelon Entertainment has still managed to shine on its own and their products are becoming more and more popular.

Expert Distribution

The Expert brand can today be seen in all major cities in the world of EVE, this retail company has seen phenomenal growth in the last decade, thanks to their self-service policy and low overhead. Part of the NOH family, Expert Distribution is Caldari's answer to the large Gallentean retail chains that have dominated the market in the past.

Expert Housing

Expert Housing was founded at the same time as Expert Distribution, but the two sibling companies have fared very differently. While Expert Distribution has been a continuous success story Expert Housing has suffered in a tough, highly competitive real estate market. The company is on the lookout for investment funds, which it hopes will help revive it.

Mercantile Club

The Mercantile Club has grown from being a simple gentleman's club into a full fledged political entity, such are the peculiarities of the Caldari governmental apparatus. The Mercantile Club is a meeting place for diplomats, business men, CEOs and politicians to make deals and discuss matters of the state.


Minedrill traces its history back to the war with the Federation, to a special force unit within the Caldari Navy that rigged asteroids with explosives and used them as booby traps. After the war the personnel in the unit created Minedrill and used their special knowledge to quickly gain prominence within the mining industry.

Modern Finances

The largest investment company in the world of EVE, Modern Finances is a progressive corporation willing to take chances and bet on high risk projects. The company has helped many prominent Caldari companies break out of the Caldari State and establish markets elsewhere, but Modern Finances are also heavily involved in foreign investment, especially in the Khanid Kingdom.


One of the few remaining Caldari corporations that were founded during the Industrial Age on Caldari Prime, before the arrival of the Gallenteans. Perkone took to the Gallenteans like ducks to water and had its glory days in the years leading up to the war with the Federation. After the war Perkone has struggled, but still manages to produce solid, high quality equipment.

Poksu Mineral Group

Poksu was founded by a group of independent miners. Through shrewd business deals and solid mining income Poksu has slowly grown to join the ranks of the big boys in Caldari corporate politics.

Prompt Delivery

Prompt Delivery is a express delivery company that operates mainly within the Caldari State. They have a fast, efficient, quality service, but the price of this excellence is that they must keep the company small and compact.

Propel Dynamics

Propel Dynamics was founded by the team that discovered the first functional warp drive for short jumps within a system. Though it has never managed to live up to its early expectation the company has always turned out innovative and interesting designs that have driven the field of propulsion forward.

Rapid Assembly

Manufacturer of cheap gadgets and low-level equipment, Rapid Assembly is by no means a driving force in the manufacturing sector. By catering to low-budget buyers they fill an important niche, unsexy as it may be.

Top Down

Top Down is a small manufacturing company that specializes in component assembling. It is owned by the Lai Dai corporation, which provides it with new technology to keep up with other manufacturing companies. Although Top Down has never really taken off, many believe their products to be of the highest quality on the market, as befits a company associated with Lai Dai.

State and Region Bank

The State and Region Bank represents old money, money from the old, established upper class families. In recent years, with younger and more energetic management, the bank has become more involved in space industry investment, though on a small scale.


Ytiri is a rare example of an outsider company that manages to establish itself within the Caldari State. Formerly an underworld smuggling company, Ytiri adjusted its operation to gain admittance into the State. Since then the company has flourished and is one of the fastest growing companies in Caldari space.


A biotech company founded by the eccentric Todo Kirkinen, the first man to have his mind transferred into a machine. Zainou has from its inception been at the forefront of bio-chemical and nano-mechanical research, its headquarters are described as a combination of a mad scientist's lab and a jungle zoo.

Zero-G Research Firm

A small research firm that specializes in space habitats and other life support modules for humans. In its heyday Zero-G was hailed as the great hope of the Caldari people, but the company has been in a steady decline for the last few decades.

Caldari Schools

The Caldari State prides itself on the military training, technical education, and scientific research carried out at its premier academic institutions.

School of Applied Knowledge

The School of Applied Knowledge focuses mainly on technical studies and is considered the best school for aspiring engineers. The school collaborates with many leading Caldari corporations, which benefits the school, the companies and not the least the students.

Science and Trade Institute

Like all Caldari schools STI has a very formal curriculum that focuses primarily on the practical side of education. This results in a very dull and tedious learning process, but one that is remarkably efficient.

State War Academy

The State War Academy was founded shortly after the Caldari State came into being while the war with the Gallente Federation was still in full swing. Due to this, the academy has always had a very combat oriented slant, as opposed to the broader scope of ship handling.

Mercenary Companies

Corporate intrigues, clandestine operations, and occasional open wars between the megacorps and their various satellite corporations are an accepted and constant part of the business of the Caldari State. As a result, private military companies have proliferated in Caldari territory.

Commando Perkone

While its star has long faded in favor of the Big Eight megacorporations, the Perkone corporation maintains a strong presence in the market. The Commando Perkone subsidiary was established after its interests in the construction equipment industry made it aware of a demand for troops to defend corporate facilities on new colonies and in remote territories.

Expert Intervention

Expert Intervention is the latest business launched under the NOH megacorporation's Expert brand, drawing on the expertise of members of NOH's Internal Security division to forge a military contracting company. Some may observe that this would account for the ruthlessness evident in Expert Intervention's operations to date, but any qualms on this account do not seem to have reduced demand for the corporation's services.

Ikomari-Onu Enforcement

Ikomari-Onu is a respected security firm consulted by many corporations in the Caldari State and beyond. The Ikomari-Onu Enforcement subsidiary is regularly hired for those occasions when a demonstrated ability to directly seize assets is preferable to business negotiations or a lengthy case before the courts.

Intara Direct Action

Venal even by Caldari standards, the Intara family is regarded by many as little more than a gang of cut-throats and is barely tolerated by the Caldari megacorporations. Regardless, the Intara have demonstrated remarkable skill in surviving and own a number of corporations spread across many planets. The Intara Direct Action corporation is the family's venture into the mercenary field and in true Intara style happily sells its services to the highest bidder.

Isuuaya Tactical

The Isuuaya name is old and storied, with the very first Caldari corporation founded by the family many centuries ago. That corporation was long ago subsumed by a competitor but the Isuuaya family remains and has a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent officers to the Caldari military. Building on that reputation, the Isuuaya Tactical corporation has developed into a mercenary contracting and brokerage house of some note.

Kinsho Swords

With a name alluding to an old Raata Empire practice of hiring skilled generals for gold, and an even older tradition of reckoning the size of armies by the number of swords that could be commanded, Kinsho is a corporation determined to make its mark in the lucrative planetary warfare field.

Kirkinen Risk Control

Kirkinen Risk Control specialized in developing and supplying cyber-warfare defense solutions before it diversified into researching other leading-edge military technologies. Ultimately, the corporation acquired access to the latest combat implants through a research contract and was able to gain a license to exploit the technology. The evolution into a mercenary contracting house was the next logical step.

Onikanabo Brigade

Bearing an extremely sinister name linked to an organized crime clan from Caldari Prime, the Onikanabo Brigade is regarded with some disdain by most Caldari. This does not stop Caldari megacorporations making use of the services of this independent mercenary brigade when it suits them, and the Onikanabo accept contracts without fear or favor.

Osmon Surveillance

As with many mercenary corporations authorized to carry out planetary operations by the Caldari Executive Panel, Osmon Surveillance began life as part of the personal army of one of the great families of the Caldari State: the Osmon, owners of the Hyasyoda megacorporation. Now rumored to have gone rogue, but retaining Caldari corporate status, the infiltration and black operations wing of the Osmon family militia has turned into a ruthless mercenary corporation willing to take any job from any client.

Seituoda Taskforce Command

Founded by the reclusive Seituoda family, the mercenary company that bears their name is believed to be controlled by one of the losers in a bitter family war for supremacy over the military-industrial powerhouse that is the Wiyrkomi megacorporation. While some of the contracts lately fulfilled by the Command may have tarnished the Seituoda reputation for honor, the unimpeachable reliability of their word has, if anything, been enhanced by the lengths to which its mercenaries go to complete a job.

Storm Wind Strikeforce

The Caldari people have always seen the winds as an important force in their spiritual life and the spirit called 'Storm Wind' has a special significance for the Caldari military. Adopting the mystique of this wind spirit for themselves, Storm Wind Strikeforce is a small mercenary corporation that makes extensive use of contract soldiers to supplement its own capabilities.

Zumari Force Projection

Standing somewhat above the internecine fray of the Caldari megacorporations and great families, Zumari Force Projection represents a cold and implacable focus on getting the job done, and collecting on its contracts. Founded by the famed Navy commander Minato Zumari, the tactical organization of the mercenary company is almost indistinguishable from Caldari State military structures. Nevertheless, this is seen as nothing more than efficiency by the Zumari board, and is secondary to the pursuit of profit by the company.

Outlawed Organizations

There may be some notable criminal gangs and terrorist groups of Caldari origin but if anything that origin makes the State authorities and megacorps hunt them down even more determinedly.

Templis Dragonaurs

The Templis Dragonaurs are an ultra-nationalist Caldari organization whose origins date back to the Tikiona States. Considered terrorists by most governments, they are the most anti-Gallentean political entity in New Eden and it is rumored that they were involved in the destruction of Nouvelle Rouvenor.