The Egone is a new audio delivery paradigm for streaming media directly to clients.

###Overview Egonics Inc. maintains a huge database containing personal profiles of billions of people. It is arguably the largest database of personal information owned by a non-governmental company. From that database, news, music and entertainment—much of the latter specifically created by the Egonics itself—are delivered to customers via specially-designed headsets called the Egone.

###Technology Egonics use a unique method in distributing music to its customers. The Egone may look like a head ornament instead of a headphone. This is because it doesn’t broadcast sound to the ears as normal headphones do, but rather projects the music directly to the zones in the brain that govern hearing, bypassing the ear altogether.

This has many obvious advantages, both for Egonics and the customer. Most importantly, there is no danger of illegal copying and distribution, as there is no actual sound to record. Also, there is no noise pollution and people can easily converse with each other as the ears are clear.

###Entertainment Egonics employs thousands of sound engineers and musicians which constantly create music according to the specs of a certain group of customers.

Because Egonics recognizes hundreds of distinct taste patterns in the populace and makes certain everybody can find music that caters to their very special preferences, the corporation publishes thousands of songs every single day.

Although the musicians employed by Egonics are total non-entities while in its service, they gain invaluable experience during their stay and a number of them have gone onto fame after their stint there.

###Social Aspect Early on, conservatives within the Gallente government vehemently opposed the data gathering methods used by Egonics. The corporation ingeniously used this opposition to its advantage by rallying young people to its cause, advocating personal freedom of all things. This was one of the major factors in the subsequent growth of the company; the Egone became a symbol of liberty among young people everywhere. The Amarr Empire has forbidden the operation of Egonics Inc. within its borders.

The information in the Egonics database is extremely detailed: it lists both the social status of a person including job, education, marital status, and so on, but also very thorough genealogical and biological data, including DNA samples. Egonics uses every method possible to enlarge their database and keep it up to date. Some of these methods are frowned upon by many, but others applaud how dedicated the company is in making sure the customer gets exactly what he likes and there are some that thrive on selling Egonics DNA samples from people not in their vast database.

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