Modern Finances

The largest investment company in the cluster, Modern Finances is a progressive corporation willing to take chances and bet on high risk projects. The company has helped many prominent Caldari companies break out of the Caldari State and establish markets elsewhere, but Modern Finances are also heavily involved in foreign investment, especially in the Khanid Kingdom.

Modern Finances was started by Nugoeihuvi during the Gallente-Caldari War in order to raise its profile among the other megacorporations; at the time, Nugoeihuvi was the smallest and newest of the Big Eight. Formed largely to isolate risky investment opportunities from its parent company, Modern Finances has achieved great success by bankrolling high-risk, high-reward endeavors. Unfortunately for Nugoeihuvi, setbacks over the years have forced the megacorporation to sell off Modern Finances stock in order to recoup losses; though the company still maintains control with its remaining shares and proxies, its control is no longer absolute.

In addition to bankrolling risky business ventures, Modern Finances has also made a strong profit bundling high-risk financial instruments and selling them to investors. At times, this practice has brought them under CBT scrutiny, as unhappy investors have accused the company of misleading investors as to the prospects for so-called “junk bonds,” but no serious charges have ever managed to stick.

The company's other major line of business has been funding expansions of regional corporations into Statewide operations or, conversely, State-based corporations into international ventures. Modern Finances helped facilitate Lai Dai's establishment of both the Carthum Conglomerate and Khanid Innovation, for instance, and also established the investment fund that expanded the CBD Corporation's Federation-based operations shortly after the signing of the Yulai treaty.

Because of their experience and success, Modern Finances has built a strong relationship with many foreign governments, especially the Khanid Kingdom, and stands poised to take assert its dominance in foreign markets even more in the future.

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