Technology Of New Eden

Technology has advanced to a great degree, across a variety of fields, in New Eden.

Interstellar technology

Within various sectors of technology, certain aspects related to interstellar activities have taken on such importance that they require a category of their own. This includes not only interstellar travel, but also the general theories and technology that eventually launched the Empyrean Age.

Information and entertainment

The conveyance of information - for any purpose, be it informative, militaristic or purely entertainment - is as much an art as it is a science in a world that spans thousands of solar systems, particularly when standards of communication may be unreliable between many of them.

  • Bioencryption is a necessity in many security systems.
  • The Concord Securities Exchange is responsible for securities in New Eden.
  • Cybernetics can be used to compensate for lack of compatibility with the capsule solution of piloting ships.
  • FTL communications enabled many areas of interstellar commerce and warfare, not to mention heralding the advent of capsuleer cloning.
  • FTL communications networks are the nervous system of interstellar society.
  • An Infomorph may or may not exist, depending on whether what you're reading right now is sentient. Yes, right now. I'm looking back at you, you know.
  • A personal key is important to anyone who has to sign electronic documents.
  • Universal Time lets us know when we are.
  • YC is the popular calendar of the cluster.


Humanity has, of course, coupled its ascendancy to the stars with yet another descent into mindless violence, this time on an interstellar scale. Not to be outdone, technology itself has taken on a life of its own in the form of rogue drones who, it must be said, have within a short time span developed an amazing ability to rival humanity's brutality and appetite for destruction.

  • Gaseous cellular scans are believed more secure than DNA-based security.
  • Mind control technology is, for better or worse, put to extensive use in certain pockets of the cluster.
  • One of the more unpleasant methods of capital punishment is nano disintegration.
  • One of the more notorious technological evolutions in New Eden is that of the rogue drones, murderous AIs with agendas far removed from any kind of sense or sanity.
  • Slave control technology, sadly, takes many different forms.


The idea of life onboard stations and colonies is exciting enough, but beyond the basic technological planning necessary to keep everything rolling and everyone breathing, there are numerous minor, everyday hurdles that must be leaped before life as we know it can roll along in a recognizable manner.

  • ISK makes the galaxy go 'round.
  • Many people live on mining colonies these days.
  • The space industry is a new frontier for previously planet-bound corporations.
  • Underwater cities exist, and tend to meet terrible ends.

Engineering & Industrial

What drives us to the stars and keeps us floating (and alive) in their orbits. The advances in engineering and industrial theory have been nothing short of amazing, as may for instance be seen through the possible construction (and eventual destruction) of ever-larger spaceships in New Eden.

  • Aneutronic fusion is the most common form of fusion power in New Eden.
  • Proper artificial intelligence, or AI, doesn't yet exist in EVE as such - at least not in sane and nonmurderous form - though many simulations come close.
  • Blueprint invention is not always profitable, but is an important part of industry.
  • Planetary mining is important if you want to remain self-sufficient.


In its travels between the stars, the human body may undergo any number of strange developments that evolution, sadly, had not prepared it for. This applies not merely to the actual conveyance from one solar system to the other, but to all the processes imposed upon the body during its stay outside planetary atmospheres. And heavens help anyone caught by those two rollicking theorists of the body and soul, Sansha's Nation or the Blood Raiders.

  • An Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan is a potential part of any capsuleer's life in space.
  • Cloning technology, while not available to more than a tiny subsection of society, has nonetheless altered every aspect of the political landscape in New Eden.
  • Cryonic stasis, while undoubtedly not a pleasant experience at the outset, may be the most serene state anyone ever enters. Nippy, mind, but serene.
  • Cryopreservation may be the precursor to Cryonic Stasis, or, if not, then to a really bad day.
  • Exotic tissue sedimentation can render cloning nigh impossible.
  • Face-swapping, gruesome as it may seem, is regularly offered to New Eden's wealthier denizens.
  • Gene therapy can cure common issues like high blood pressure.
  • The Amarr had an ongoing Human Endurance Program that led to many things, some of them terrible.
  • The Jovian Disease continues to decimate the population of the Jove.
  • The Kyonoke infection is one of the worst infectious diseases New Eden has had to contend with. At least, of the ones that have been registered thus far.
  • Organ regrowth is a common technology.
  • Turit Disease is a rotten condition to have.


The journey from one point to another gets rather complicated when the distance between them is measurable in Astronomical Units, and no less so when one of them may lie on the inside of a massive orbiting body or a gigantic moving vessel. Capsuleers, of course, sometimes have an extra option when it comes to transport, involving the simple, clean, no-nonsense method of dying.

  • Hot dropping is a necessity when cargo cannot be transported overland.

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