Caldari State and Minmatar Republic Close to Agreeing New Treaty

New Eden News | YC125-03-08 - By Lina Ambre

hyasyoda stn airaken Above: Hyasyoda Corporation Station in Airaken System

Caldari State and Minmatar Republic Reportedly Close to Agreeing New Treaty

Airaken, The Forge – Caldari State and Minmatar Republic negotiators are reported to be close to agreeing a "new treaty" as the culmination of a summit that has been billed as a Caldari-Minmatar security co-operation meeting. The two powers have sent unusually large delegations to the summit meeting at the Hyasyoda station in Airaken, including Hyasyoda CEO Ahtonen Osmon and Republic Prime Minister Tobias Efrit.

Outside observers had already suggested that the high-powered delegations indicated negotiations on a major diplomatic realignment could be in the offing. The new reports from Airaken suggest that something akin to a non-aggression treaty is on the cards, though it is thought with reservations that reflect the recent history of proxy conflicts and alliances with the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation.

The strong desire for independence and freedom of action that are hallmarks of both the State under Chairman Akimaka Saraki and the Chief Executive Panel, and the Republic under Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and the Tribal Council, have reportedly made for some difficult negotiations at times. On the point of technology sharing both powers are highly guarded and mutually reluctant to use their recent advances in Triglavian research as bargaining chips. Rather, the summit has focused on securing agreements on borders and recognition of mutual rights and sovereignty in accordance with the provisions of the Yulai Accords and Convention.

Reactions in the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic to the talks have been broadly positive, with a general feeling among the public of both empires that there has never been any real reason for the Caldari and Minmatar to be at war with one another. Citizens strolling through the parklands surrounding Landfall Shrine on New Caldari Prime were well represented by a Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries fusion technician who said, "Well, sure, we've always been against slavery here anyway, and it's not like the Minmatar ever did us any wrong. I'd rather we sold them guns than have to use them against them."

"It's true we had some debts to pay the Gallente after the Rebellion but those dues were paid long ago," said one Vherokior storekeeper in the market quarter of Matar City. A Sebiestor ice-cutter in Mithris was more forthcoming: "I never did like those Feddies anyway, especially after what they did to the Ray and that stab in the back at what's it called? Colalele? Whatever, the place they ambushed our fleet. Treacherous bastards."

Late-breaking reports from New Caldari Prime and Pator suggest that each of the State and Republic delegations are preparing to travel to the respective home worlds of their counterparts for simultaneous final negotiations with the CEP and Tribal Council.

pashanai memorial at mow stn Above: Pashanai Bombing Memorial in orbit of Ministry of War Station

Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation Diplomats Meet in Pashanai System

Pashanai, Genesis – Diplomats from the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation are meeting in the Pashanai system according to reports from the Amarr Certified News agency. According to the ACN, Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor is personally playing host to Councillor Wayaki Kayara, a veteran Mannar diplomat and personal envoy of President Celes Aguard, at the ACN station in orbit of Pashanai III, Moon 9.

The ACN goes on to report that Empress Catiz I personally spoke to President Aguard in order to open talks on the "implications for the Empire and Federation of the Minmatar Republic's overtures to the Caldari State." The presence of Councillor Kayara as leader of the Gallente delegation indicates that President Aguard is treating the possibility of a realignment involving the State and Republic sufficiently seriously to ensure that Federation's relations with the Amarr Empire are secured.

Analysts of the Amarr Empire's diplomatic and media strategies have suggested that the choice to widely publicise the meeting, and indeed host it at an ACN station, indicates the Empire believes it is negotiating from a position of some strength. The Empire's military has been considerably upgraded and expanded in the years since the Triglavian Invasions, with the losses from that conflict made good by Empress Catiz I's industrial and military policies, while primarily making use of House militaries and capsuleer militias in its border conflict with the Republic.

The Amarr Empire has also stolen a march on Triglavian stellar transmuter technology and is believed to have considerably improved its understanding of the technology following the Turnur catastrophe. In contrast, the Gallente Federation stands denuded of any access to stellar and spacetime manipulation technologies recovered by the other empires. The Federation is also considerably extended by its massive and ongoing military operation to maintain the security of the Intaki system, and the ten other systems in Placid removed from the Caldari-Gallente warzone by direct Navy occupation.

There is considerable speculation in the Gallente media that President Aguard's administration may see the putative treaty between the Caldari and Minmatar as relieving it from any obligations it has under its current militia warfare alliance with the Republic. The Amarr Empire's diplomatic signalling so far has also indicated, as one court observer put it, "a level of disinterest in the Caldari-Gallente warzone amounting to imperial indifference."

Another analyst of Imperial politics differed with this appraisal, stating that "the Empire's policy regarding the other warzone is rather one of masterly inactivity that really signals it sees nothing to protest at concerning the Federation's invasion of Intaki and surrounding systems. To the Amarr, the Federation's policy is simple good sense, and usefully opens the door to arguments it might deploy in the event it uses the full might of the Imperial Navy against some portion of the 'Rebel Provinces'." This analyst also noted the symbolism of holding the meeting in Pashanai close by the Ministry of War station bombed by Minmatar terrorists in YC112, and suggested that the Amarr diplomatic campaign was "a classic Amarr of public relations at every level."

imp nvy base mehatoor Above: Imperial Navy Anchorages Awaiting New Fleets in Mehatoor

News in Brief

  • Minmatar Militia Offensive in Eugidi Constellation Continues as Avenod and Vimeini Fall to Republic Control

  • Republic Fleet Convoys Resupply and Rotate Minmatar Forces on Floseswin IV Following Lifting of Amarr Blockade

  • House Sarum Fortifications Across Eugidi Constellation "Likely to Withstand Any Siege for Many Months" According to Republic

  • Royal Heir Hamideh Kador Returns to Yulai as CONCORD Inner Circle Reconvened to Discuss Emergency Militia War Powers Act

  • Caldari State Protectorate Recovers Oinasiken System in Push to Secure Entire Black Rise Region Under State Control

  • Federal Defense Union Struggles to Defend Pegeler Constellation as loss of Moclinamaud Brings Front to Eugales and Frarie

  • Senate Delegation Visits City of Lenoika During Intaki Prime Tour Accompanied by Chief Councillor Vera en Sullacio

  • Intaki Free Army Warns Federal Marines to "Stay Out of Free Lenoika" as Barricades Erected in Docks District and Textile Quarter

  • Federal Intelligence Office Issues Security Notice Warning Aenebra Cult Assassination Teams Present on Intaki Prime

  • Serpentis Corporation Produced Military Boosters and Armaments Confiscated in Navy Raids on Akat Mountains Villages

  • Thukker Hrada-Oki Caravan Master Dismisses Reports of Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates Agents Meeting Aboard Flagship

  • Krullefor Organization "Anoikis Clippers" Drop Armaments to Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army Under RSS Contract

  • EDENCOM Monitors in Pochven Track Increase in Drone Activity as Triglavian Industrial and Military Operations Spike

  • Reports from Vale IV Claim Svarog Clade Siege Elites Destroyed "Drone Built Arcology" with Anti-Matter Munitions

  • Svarog Assault Force Reported to Have "Fought to the Death" Inflicting Massive Casualties on Veles Troops and Drones

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Sounds Alarm Over Svarog Clade Capabilities with Provost Marshal Valkanir Warning of New Invasion Risk