Ceasefire Declared Between Caldari and Minmatar Followed by Amarr and Gallente Truce

New Eden News | YC125-03-14 - By Lina Ambre

hyasyoda stn airaken Above: Hyasyoda station in Airaken, site of Caldari-Minmatar treaty negotiations

Ceasefire Between Militias of the Caldari and Minmatar Followed by Amarr and Gallente Militia Truce

Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD officials have confirmed notice of two separate ceasefires between the Caldari and Minmatar militias, and Amarr and Gallente militias respectively, both taking effect at 11:00 NEST, today. Under the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110 (CEMWPA), any two of the belligerent powers may may declare and register miltia ceasefires at any time, suspending the state of mutual warfare between their capsuleer militias.

Diplomatic developments between the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic had led the high commands of the two empires to order the ceasefire for today, having given notice of their intentions to the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation. The Empire and Federation rapidly followed suit by issuing their own orders for a ceasefire between their own militia fighters.

The Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic remain in a state of limited war within the terms of the CEMWPA legislation across the Amarr-Minmatar warzone. Similarly, the Caldari State and Gallente Federation continue to wage a border conflict using capsuleer militias according to the provisions of the CEMWPA protocol. CONCORD conflict monitors remain concerned at the continuing escalation in the two warzones, involving continuing and multiple breaches of the Emergency Militia War Powers Act carried out by national militaries, mercenary groups, and paramilitaries.

Shakor Addresses Crowd Above: Great Caravanserai on Matar, Pator system

Caldari-Minmatar Treaty of Non-Aggression Signed in Twin Ceremonies on New Caldari Prime and Matar

New Caldari Prime and Matar – A new treaty of non-aggression between the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic has been signed by Chairman Akimaka Saraki and Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor in twin ceremonies on New Caldari Prime and Matar. Informally being called the "Treaty of Airaken" after the Caldari system where it was negotiated, the new treaty provides limited but definite guarantees of "peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for territorial borders" between the State and Republic.

Chairman Akimaka Saraki of the Caldari Chief Executive Panel signed the treaty along with CEOs of the "Big 8" megacorporations of the Caldari State, before presenting the State-authorized copy of the treaty to Republic Prime Minister Tobias Efrit. The Caldari signing ceremony was held in the exclusive setting of the Chief Executive Panel boardroom located at the pinnacle of the CEP Spire in Landfall City, New Caldari Prime.

For the Minmatar Republic, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor signed before the Chiefs of the Seven Tribes of Matar made their marks, with the Republic-authorized copy of the treaty then being presented to Hyasyoda CEO Ahtonen Osmon, the latter acting as personal representative of the CEP in negotiations. The Minmatar signing ceremony was held in the chamber of the Tribal Council in the Great Caravansarai on Matar.

Chairman Saraki hailed the Treaty of Airaken as a "long overdue step in establishing a lasting and prosperous peace between the peoples of the Caldari State and the Minmatar Republic." Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor declare the treaty to be "quite natural as a consequence of the nature and actions of our two great independent and proud nations." The non-aggression treaty has been broadly welcomed by the public of both the Republic and the State, with corporations, families, and clans all looking forward to opportunities for future trade and exchange with more normalized relations between the two empires.

concord hq yulai Above: CONCORD Assembly HQ, Yulai System

"Big 4" Empires Increase Recruiting Efforts for Capsuleer Militias Opening Direct Enlistment for Pilots

Yulai, Genesis – Despite the news of ceasefires, the CONCORD Assembly has formally enacted a long-expected and scheduled amendment to the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110 (CEMWPA) permitting the "direct enlistment" of independent capsuleer pilots with a militia of one of the "Big 4" CONCORD powers even if their parent corporation is not affiliated with that militia.

With the escalation of warfare in the Amarr-Minmatar and Caldari-Gallente theaters, all four of the core empires have been increasing their recruitment efforts and the change to the CEMWPA legislation has been one of the few items of CONCORD business on which all have agreed in recent years. The direct enlistment provisions will permit a pilot not in a capsuleer corporation already affiliated with a militia, or a CONCORD member-flagged corporation, to sign up with the militia of their choice independently.

Military planners among the high commands of the "Big 4" are evidently hoping to attract an influx of new capsuleer fighters to their militias, a need potentially made all the more urgent by the shifts in diplomacy that have seen the Amarr-Caldari and Gallente-Minmatar military alliances dissolve. Observers of capsuleer paramilitaries, mercenaries, and outer regions fighters have mixed views on the prospects for advantage to flow to any given empire with this move, with many suggesting it is a considerable gamble with great potential for disruption in both warzones.

imp nvy base mehatoor Above: Imperial Navy base in Mehatoor system

Amarr and Gallente Military Authories Order Truce in Response to Caldari-Minmatar Treaty and Ceasefire

Pashanai, Genesis – Amarr and Gallente military authorities have taken rapid steps to order a ceasefire between their respective capsuleer militias, the 24th Imperial Crusade and the Federal Defense Union. Amarr and Gallente negotiators continue to work on a formal agreement in a diplomatic conference in the Pashanai system but the signing of the Caldari-Minmatar "Treaty of Airaken", and the formal ceasefire ordered for 11:00 NEST today, has led the Amarr Ministry of War and the Federal Security Council to issue an urgent ceasefire order to match the effective cessation of hostilities between the Caldari and Minmatar militias.

Negotiations between the Amarr Empire's Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor and the Gallente Federation's Councillor Wayaki Kayara are understood to be at an advanced stage, with the outlines of a "non-intervention treaty" said to be settled. Outstanding matters are reported to include the matter of continuing economic sanctions levied by the Gallente Federation on certain Amarr organizations and officials, together with the status of Federation citizens held as prisoners or slaves in various parts of the "Greater Amarr Empire". The Amarr Empire appears to be concerned to establish better trade relations with the Federation but is continuing to avoid concessions on the vexed question of Triglavian technology.

intaki fort vey gt Above: Federation fortifications at Vey stargate in Intaki system

Federation Increases Security Status of Intaki Despite Continuing Violence on Intaki Prime

Intaki Prime, Placid – Federation authorities have increased the security status to Intaki system to 0.6 and lifted a moratorium on the anchoring of capsuleer structures, despite continuing violence and civil unrest on the planet of Intaki Prime. CONCORD has received notice of the status change and the re-authorization of capsuleer structure rights under the Yulai Convention, but has expressed "concern" at the level of violence in population centers on Intaki Prime.

Civil disturbances and sporadic street-fighting in Lenoika, largest city and cultural capital of Intaki Prime, have entered their second week, while isolated incidents of violence have erupted in Navyii Akat, the administrative capital and seat of the Intaki Assembly. A joint call for calm from the visiting Federal Senate delegation and the Executive Council of the Intaki Assembly appears to have fallen on deaf ears as a number of riots have taken place, with shootings and bombings adding to a lethal swirl of violence on the Intaki home world.

Chief Councillor Vera en Sullacio of the Intaki Assembly's executive has mobilized the Intaki Militia to support the city constabularies and planetary gendarmes in keeping peace. Federal Marines have been withdrawn to Kainta Yavaat spaceport, Federal compounds, and naval installations across the planet, following an urgent request to President Celes Aguard by Senators Kelen Ontbad and Shaileen Ramnev, leading the Senate delegation's inspection tour. Jonas Ivestara, leader of the Intaki Autonomists movement, is also reported to have begun talks with the main faction of the Free Intaki Army in an effort to halt attacks on Federation personnel and property.

imperial research fty mehatoor Above: Imperial research facility in Mehatoor system

News in Brief

  • CDIA Warns of Increase in Espionage and Technology Theft Activities of Mercenaries and Smugglers

  • Heavy Fighting Between Capsuleer Alliances Over Keepstar in Pure Blind System of X47L-Q

  • Capsuleer Paramilitaries Reportedly Recruited by State to Aid in Acquisition of Stellar Transmuter Technology

  • Capsuleer Warlords on All Sides Vow to Fight on Amidst Chaos as Communications Networks Overload

  • Amarr Empire Military Commanders Accused of Encouraging Loyalists to Raid State Shipcaster Research Sites

  • Multiple Keepstars and Fortizars Across Pure Blind Region Under Siege as Major Nullsec Powers Clash

  • Federation Military Sources Claim Capsuleers Right to "Enforce Technology Sharing Protocols by Any Means"

  • Angel Cartel Raiders Strike Targets on Floseswin IV as Republic Struggles with Logistics of Relieving Planetary Forces

  • Republic Security Services Restrict Operations in Caldari State Following Treaty, Refuse to Comment on Capsuleer Loyalists

  • CONCORD Conflict Monitors Warn of "Chaotic Free for All" as Capsuleers and Mercenaries vie for Triglavian Technology

  • EDENCOM Investigates Reports of Triglavian Forces Fighting Sansha's Nation Raiders in Recent Planetary Incursions