Escalating Tensions Over Athounon as Caldari and Gallente Forces Clash in Warzone

New Eden News | YC124-06-22 - By Lina Ambre

Escalation in Athounon

Athounon, Placid – Caldari and Gallente naval and militia forces have clashed in Athounon and nearby systems in Placid following extraordinary calls for action issued by military authorities of the two interstellar powers. Mobilization of navy forces, together with specific orders and rules of engagement, appear aimed at contesting control of the Athounon system as the highest priority for each empire in the Caldari-Gallente militia warzone.

CalNavOrder1 Above: Orders to State Protectorate militia from Caldari Navy General

Two days ago, the Caldari Chief Executive Panel issued a general order to the State Protectorate miltia forces putting a priority on holding the Athounon system and the surrounding Serthoulde constellation. After an emergency meeting of the Federal Security Council, President Celes Aguard, in her capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Gallente Federation's military, authorized a response that ordered the Federal Defense Union militia to mount a counter-offensive on Caldari-occupied Athounon as a priority target.

These extraordinary developments followed the discovery of a secret EDENCOM station orbiting the storm planet of Athounon V, apparently revealed due to a failing cloaking device. The most recent reports from Athounon V indicate the station's cloaking device has now completely failed. Caldari Navy forces have been maintaining a constant guard over the facility, with patrol forces sighted moving from planet to planet across the system.

FedNavOrder1 Above: Orders to Federal Defense Union militia from Gallente Navy Admiral

Since yesterday's Gallente response, reports of Federation Navy scout units clashing with the Caldari Navy in Athounon have mounted. The presence of the Triglavian Collective in some force has been noted as a complicating factor with some alarm by observers and commentators across New Eden. EDENCOM's Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir has reportedly been summoned to a meeting with CONCORD's military leadership, recalling the EDENCOM supreme commander from a tour of fortress systems in the Amarr Empire and Ammatar Mandate.

Athounon V EDENCOM Station Above: Reported EDENCOM station in orbit of Athounon V

Triglavian Activity in Athounon

It was reported some months ago that Triglavian forces had been encountered on the surface of the temperate planet Athounon VI by Federal Marines units garrisoned there as part of the planetary defense forces.

Further reports since then indicated that Federal Marines had engaged Triglavian units identified as Veles Clade "raiding in force" on Athounon VI. The Scope has learned from Federation military experts that this Veles raid was repelled and further units of Federal Marines sent to bolster the planetary garrison.

Subsequent developments indicated that a Triglavian presence had been detected on the surface of the two storm planets of Athounon — planets IV and V — and that this was believed likely to be a Veles Clade occupation of some kind. EDENCOM's AEGIS deployment to Athounon refused to comment on the matter and it appears the organization was involved in establishing the hidden outpost in orbit of Athounon V.

Above: CONCORD HQ, Yulai System

Diplomatic Tensions at CONCORD

Triglavian forces routinely raid into so-called "Minor Victory" systems where their forces prevailed but did not initiate stellar harvesting activity. The "Big 4" empires, CONCORD, and the EDENCOM military alliance have often been at odds as to the best way to proceed in the face of uncertainty over Triglavian capabilities combined with their demonstrable technological lead in a number of fields. Sources within EDENCOM and CONCORD have spoken of serious disputes between different branches of the organizations, while diplomatic and intelligence chatter has suggested that all empires have made some form of overture to one or other of the Triglavian clades.

The aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, together with a serious of border conflicts, diplomatic crises, and technology thefts, has ratcheted tensions between the four great powers to perhaps their greatest levels since the formation of the militia warzones in YC110. Certainly, CONCORD conflict monitors and a number of experts on interstellar law have been alarmed by the willingness of both the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation to suspend aspects of the Yulai Accords and Convention in the Athounon system.

CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya is reported to be contemplating recourse to an emergency meeting of the full CONCORD Assembly amidst an apparent logjam at the interstellar organization's executive council. One source has indicated to the Scope that all empire delegates have returned to their respective governments and the Inner Circle's CONCORD members are experiencing "difficulties in establishing a framework for further discussion with national governments."

News in Brief

  • Federation Navy Vice Admiral Forian Rivelli Reported to Have "Established Command Post in Osmeden System"

  • Ambassador Keitan Yun Attends Tribal Council to Report on Diplomatic Dispute Over Arshat Stellar Harvester

  • Federation Navy Lands Reinforcements, Vehicles, and Supplies for Federal Marines Garrison on Athounon VI

  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Made an "Imperial Companion of the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order" by Empress Catiz I

  • Hetman General Kanth Filmir to Brief Tribal Council on Metropolis Warzone Following Recent Amarr Gains in Eugidi Constellation

  • Caldari Navy, Gallente Federation, and Triglavian Forces Reported Clashing in Three-Way Battle in Athounon System

  • EDENCOM Raid Veles Clade Rogue Drone "Semiosis Sobornost" in Wirashoda After Capsuleers Repeatedly Disrupt Complex with EM Bombs

  • Brigadier General Heika Torigo Commended by Chairman Akimaka Saraki at CEP Meeting to Discuss Status of "Athounon Campaign"

  • Federation Navy Refuses to Comment on Reports of Orders to Remove "Renegade Caldari Militia" Bases from Athounon VI

  • Khumatar Kril Efrit Broadcasts New Message of Resistance on Skarkon II Following "Assassination by Nanite Cloud" Attack by Svarog Clade

  • Movements of Caldari and Minmatar Mercenary Groups Linked to "The Deathless" Network Tracked by DED as Arms Smuggling on Increase

  • Extreme Storm Weather Phenomena in Vicinity of Triglavian "Arcology Spires" on Sakenta V Reported by Caldari Resistance