Federation Senator Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Acts of Terrorism

New Eden News | YC125-06-14 - By Lina Ambre

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Federation Senator Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Acts of Terrorism

Villore, Essence – Outspoken Labor-Populist Senator Thibauld Tailler was expelled from the Senate yesterday, according to official reports. The decision was made by the Senate Disciplinary Committee and confirmed by the Senate following accusations by the Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) that he is a founding member of the terrorist organization "Gallentia Primacy". Tailler's whereabouts are currently unknown.

According to Senate officials, the Disciplinary Committee proceedings were initially carried out in secrecy in order to avoid alerting Tailler. Based on the evidence provided by the FIO, the former Senator has been charged with conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism, murder, the misappropriation of federal funds, and treason. A cluster-wide manhunt is underway for the former Senator. There has been no news regarding his location, but Federation authorities have informed the Scope that they are confident he will be apprehended soon.

Thibauld Tailler was elected to office as a member of the Labor-Populists party for the largely industrial subdistrict of North-West Astrin, and was considered to be on the right-wing of a party with greatest appeal among the Gallente working classes. A veteran of the battle of Caldari Prime, Tailler ran on a platform of increased military spending and sanctions against Caldari imports.

Earlier this year Tailler was appointed to a military spending oversight subcommittee. According to the FIO, it was then that he began working to channel funds and military assets to associates. The FIO allege he and other like-minded veterans used these funds and equipment to build their own paramilitary force, the Gallentia Primacy. The Labor-Populists have moved to expel Tailler from their party, accelerating a process that began following an internal dispute over his remarks on the United Response Act riots.

Gallentia Primacy has been confirmed as responsible for a number of recent terrorist attacks on Federal facilities. The group identifies itself as ultranationalist in the tradition of the Guardians of Gallentia. Disbanded since before the Yoiul Conference, the Guardians party was in power during the first Caldari-Gallente War. The Primacy's philosophy may have been alluded to by Tailler at a press conference just hours before his expulsion: "The dream of old Gallentia has been sullied by the soft hands of compromise and the tears of the weak. The future belongs to the Gallente, but the politicians in Villore would rather choke good and true citizens with red tape than sieze it." Tailler disappeared from public view shortly after giving this speech.

Addressing the press after Tailler's expulsion from the Senate, President Aguard delivered a stern warning on the ultranationalist philosophy: "It deeply concerns me that anyone who served inside these halls could look back on the brutality and injustices of our dark past and draw inspiration. This was a time when our people were not safe from their own government. A time when our rulers committed atrocities and risked everything to escalate the conflict. Ultranationalism claims to be a return to old values, yet it forgets the most precious of them all: Liberty."

tetrimon monastery thebeka Above: Order of St. Tetrimon fortress monastery in Thebeka system

Charitable Mission Destroyed in Surprise Attack by Heretical Cult

Nererut, Domain – An Amarr charitable mission to mining colonies in the Nererut system was destroyed in a surprise attack yesterday. A group calling themselves the "Disciples of Purity" has taken responsibility for the attack.

In a holoreel released by the Disciples of Purity, a masked figure calling himself the "Grand Incarnate" said that the attack had taken place because the mission had been providing aid to seeking freedom under the terms of Empress Catiz I's recent emancipation edict. In the holoreel the group made a number of demands including calls for the abdication of the "pretender Catiz Tash-Murkon", the dissolution of the "corrupted Heir families", and a reinstatement of the long defunct "Council of Apostles" to select a new "true blooded Emperor."

The Disciples claim to be a "new sword of justice, forged from the dual blades of scripture's greatest defenders”. The exact meaning of this is not clarified in the holoreel. Nonetheless, the group's name and its demands regarding the Council of Apostles have led to speculation that the "dual blades" refers to the Purity of the Throne heresy and the Order of St. Tetrimon. The Order's Grandmaster Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon has repudiated any connection to the Disciples of Purity, condemning the attack as "an unconscionable act of heretical butchery finding no justification in Scripture as the Order of St. Tetrimon understands it."

The Emperor Family issued an official condemnation of the group, swiftly followed by the leaders of all Royal and Major Houses. The Ministry of Internal Order has confirmed that an investigation is underway, but sources within the Amarr government suggest that it has yet to uncover much about the organization.

Questions still remain as to who is funding the Disciples of Purity or how they may have obtained a fleet. Further reports of attacks on other Holy Missions have continued to come in. However, no members of the Disciples have been identified so far as it appears they wear masks at all times. Any attempts to capture one of their vessels has resulted in its crew opting for self-destruction over capture and interrogation.

amarr shipcaster mehatoor Above: Amarr Interstellar Shipcaster in the Mehatoor system

Amarr Interstellar Shipcaster Fully Operational in Mehatoor System

Mehatoor, Devoid – The Amarr Empire has brought online its new Interstellar Shipcaster in the Mehatoor system, along with the Stellar Transmuter in Ohide providing the necessary resources to operate the Triglavian-derived technology. The achievement makes the Amarr Empire the second of the "Big 4" powers to gain access to the long-range travel technology after the Caldari State's impressive development project came to fruition a month ago.

The Amarr Empire has begun deploying Shipcaster Beacon constructors to the Amarr-Minmatar militia warzone in a similar fashion to that in the Caldari-Gallente warzone for the Caldari State. The Minmatar Republic's efforts to obtain the technology are also nearing completion, with the Republic having commenced the constrution phase of its own project in the Amo and Barkrik systems.

Reports from the Caldari State indicate that the lead in understanding and operating the technology has led to a number of associated projects and a program for the Caldari Navy to use the system for extended logistics. In particular, it has been suggested by some observers of activity in the DS-M4Q constellation of Syndicate region that certain traffic patterns and energy signatures picked up in the area could indicate secret beacons used by the State's military and colonization efforts. Persistent rumors at the edges of Caldari military and mercenary groups also suggest the State is pressing on with efforts to increase fine scale control over the technology, and solve the problems of operating both casters and beacons within planetary gravity wells.

shipcaster linked arderonne open Above: State Interstellar Shipcaster online in Onnamon system

News in Brief

  • Federal Defense Union Secure Abune and Mercomsier Systems Despite State Protectorate Capture of Murethand System

  • CONCORD Implements Moratorium on New "XL Structures" in High Security Space Following Agreement by Empires

  • Confused Reports of Svarog Clade Forces on Surface of Eugales IV and VI "Disappearing" or "Destroyed"

  • RJD and RSS Reach Agreement on Joint Counter-Terrorist Taskforce to Combat "Ashes of Turnur" Militants

  • Federation Navy Imposes Blockade on Planets in Eugales System Using Low Orbit Defense Satellites

  • Upwell Consortium Protests Structure Moratorium and Pledges to "Continue Expanding Horizons of Space Colonization"

  • SARO and DERAIL Units Evacuate from Eugales Under Federal Marines Escort as Black Eagles Anti-Warclone Units Deploy

  • Drone Footage from Surface of Eugales IV Indicates "Massive Damage to Subsurface Arcology" in Antimatter Blast Zone

  • Hetman General Kanth Filmir Orders Courts Martial of Five Republic Fleet Officers Suspected of "Aiding Insurrectionists"

  • CONCORD Inner Circle Debates "Threat of Unlicensed Artificial Intelligence Research" in Secret Session in Yulai

  • President Celes Aguard Pledges to Stabilize Eugales Planetary and Orbital Situation as Senate Ratifies Martial Law

  • State Peacekeepers Broadcast Message to Eugales Colonies Condemning "Gallente Recklessness" as Kirkinen Risk Control Withdraws

  • Imperial Chancellor Aslan Ul-Qosh Orders Ministry of Internal Order to Investigate Attacks on Missionary Recruiters