Galactic Hour News Roundup: Images from Athounon V Indicate Triglavian Activity as Militia Offensives Sweep Across Warzones

New Eden News | YC124-07-20 - By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, as Caldari loyalists obtain and publish audio-visual data showing disturbing evidence of Triglavian activity on the surface of Athounon V.

athounon5 drone structure Above: image from recovered EDENCOM probe data showing surface of Athounon V

Triglavian Activity Indicated in Images of Surface of Athounon V Released by Caldari Loyalists

Athounon, Placid – Audio-visual data obtained and released by Caldari loyalist capsuleers appears to show significant Triglavian activity on the surface of the storm planet of Athounon V, providing further alarming evidence on the extent of Triglavian infiltration beyond the occupied systems of Pochven.

Caldari loyalist capsuleers of the 103rd Sublimation Group and Fukamichi Corporation, associated with the Achur-State-Mountain-Report (ASMR) galnet channel, reportedly recovered the data from a number of exposed EDENCOM Secure Transfer Relays in Athounon system. Caldari Navy intelligence sources have indicated that these relays became exposed in the last week or so owing to hostile action against EDENCOM resupply or recovery missions. It is believed the hostile forces were Triglavian units or drones controlled by the Triglavian Collective.

The latest data, as broadcast by the ASMR news report, appears to be a partial audio-visual record made by an EDENCOM planetary survey or recon drone on a mission to the surface of Athounon V. This is in contrast to previous data releases from both ASMR and the non-aligned Arataka Research Consortium (ARC) that appeared to show more recent boarding operations on the disabled EDENCOM station in orbit of Athounon V.

Caldari Navy Brigadier General Heika Torigo commended "loyal Caldari capsuleers for their efforts in securing Athounon and furthering the intelligence gains made by the Navy and State Protectorate." EDENCOM representatives have been maintaining a consistent policy of "no comment" in response to requests for clarification on the activities of the organization in Athounon. CONCORD's Inner Circle has been disrupted by the absence of empire delegations and Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya continues to press for a resumption of formal meetings against a background of rising tensions between all empires.

athounon5 drone descent Above: image from recovered EDENCOM probe data showing surface of Athounon V

Caldari Offensive Makes Further Gains in Federation-State Warzone

Placid Region – State Protectorate forces have continued to make gains in Placid in recent days as the Caldari offensive in that region continues unabated. With the conquest of the Iges and Renarelle systems in recent days, the trend of the Placid fighting continues to reflect Caldari dominance in the warzone.

Federal Defence Union forces have mounted a fightback in Verge Vendor region, recovering the Melmaniel system from Caldari occupation, while Gallente forces in Essence mount a defence of Deven system and attempt to maintain their Nagamanen system foothold in the Citadel region.

Federation military and political authorities reportedly continue to place a high priority on recovering the Serthoulde constellation and securing the Athounon system. Vice Admiral Foriana Revelli of the Federation Navy has continued to direct Gallente scouting flights into Athounon from her Osmeden HQ. Admiral Revelli and Federation authorities have declined to comment on the performance of the FDU, or reports of Federation Navy logistics and fleet movement operations suggestive of a major military buildup.

Halls of Liberation Above: Halls of Liberation Station and Liberation Games Monument in Orbit of Matar, Pator System

Thukker Tribe Prevails Again in Second Minmatar Liberation Games

Pator, Heimatar – The Thukker Tribe have once more prevailed in the second Minmatar Liberation Games, defending their title from the inaugural games and retaining the right to operate the Halls of Liberation station in orbit of the planet Matar (Pator IV). The station will be operated by the Thukker Tribe for another year due to their victory.

Tribal Rankings in the Liberation Games with percentages of points won are as follows:

  • 1 - Thukker - 24.36%
  • 2 - Sebiestor - 19.84%
  • 3 - Brutor - 15.76%
  • 4 - Starkmanir - 15.57%
  • 5 - Krusual - 8.77%
  • 6 - Vherokior - 7.95%
  • 7 - Nefantar - 7.74%

Commentators noted the continuing dominance of the Thukker, together with the great tribal federations of the Sebiestor and Brutor, while expressing some acclaim for the spirited performance of the Starkmanir and their supporters. Each tribe will be awarding a special medal to the top 100 capsuleers supporting them in the Liberation Games this year.

rep fleet order1 Above: orders issued to Tribal Liberation Force by Hetman General Kanth Filmir

Tribal Liberation Force Making a Stand in Heimatar as 24th Imperial Crusade Tighten Grip on Metropolis

Heimatar Region – Despite Republic Fleet calls for a focus of operations on a drive to rollback the recent Amarr offensive and liberate the Eugidi constellation, Minmatar militia fighters have focused on a defence of the Amamake system in Heimatar region from an Amarr pincer movement from Gulmorogod and Vard. For their part, the Amarr loyalists of the 24th Imperial Crusade have continued to maintain the security of the Eugidi constellation and other occupied systems in Metropolis, while supporting efforts to extend their control in the Heimatar sector of the warzone.

The Minmatar defence efforts and ongoing Amarr offensive operations come at a time when both the Republic and Empire have reorganized their command structures in the militia warzone. The Minmatar Republic has appointed veteran officer Hetman General Kanth Filmir as Supreme Commander of Metropolis Region, placing the large Metropolis sector of the warzone under his direct command. Sources in the Republic have indicated that in practice this makes General Filmir the lead commander of the warzone given the relatively small Heimatar sector and the formal position that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor retains supreme command in the home region.

In the Amarr Empire, the recall of Captain Marshal xer Qosh from his position as Imperial Delegate to the CONCORD Inner Circle was followed by his induction as an Imperial Companion of the Sacred Throne Order, signalling high favor with Empress Catiz I. In subsequent Orders in Privy Council, Royal Heir Hamideh Kador was appointed Imperial Delegate to the Inner Circle, while Marshal xer Qosh was elevated to the dignity of Imperial Margrave for the so-called "Rebel Provinces", a term used by the Amarr Empire to refer to the Minmatar Republic in certain internal contexts.

As Imperial Margrave for these vast territories, Marshal xer Qosh has essentially been appointed military governor as a direct vassal of the Imperial Throne. While this move further increases the prestige of the powerful Major House of Qosh, itself a direct vassal of the Imperial Throne, it has blunted the authority of the Royal Houses of Ardishapur and Sarum over the warzone.

imp navy order1 Above: orders issued to 24th Imperial Crusade by Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh

Observers of Imperial Court politics have noted that Empress Catiz I has exercised some subtlety by using the arcane device of an Imperial Margravate to impose a unified Imperial command while leaving the Ardishapur and Sarum Military Circuits in place, with the full rights to the territorial fiefs they cover retained by the two Royal Houses. Neatly, our sources add, this political formula continues to make the two Royal Houses responsible for financing and supplying military units alongside those allocated to the warzone by the Imperial Ministry of War.

While Amarr loyalist militias appear to have reacted with enthusiasm to the orders issued by Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Minmatar militia fighters have expressed some dismay at the task set them by Republic Fleet commander Hetman General Kanth Filmir. "Filmir has finally lost the plot", "Filmir is drunk again", and "Filmir should get in the Great Wet Desert" are perhaps the politest remarks overheard by the Scope's sources.

CDIA monitoring 1240720 Above: latest CDIA Monitoring intelligence digest for militia warzones

News in Brief

  • CDIA – Eugidi Constellation Firmly Under Amarr Control as 24th Imperial Crusade Forces Staunchly Defend Against Destabilizing Attacks

  • CDIA – Travel Advisory Issued for the Amamake System, the Most Dangerous in New Eden as High-intensity Capsuleer Conflict Meets a Sansha's Nation Incursion

  • CDIA – Caldari Loyalists Recover Drone Recordings from Athounon V, with the First Detailed Image of a Mysterious Structure on the Planetary Surface

  • CDIA – State Protectorate Forces Continue to Hold the Constellation of Serthoulde and Gain the System of Renarelle in the Placid Region

  • Reports of Perun Clade Assault on Raravoss III as Svarog Clade Mining Operations are Disrupted by Amarr Loyalist Guerilla Forces

  • EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Reportedly Seen Visiting Chief Executive Panel Spire in Landfall City, New Caldari Prime

  • President Celes Aguard Directs Federal Intelligence Office and Federation Navy Intelligence to Investigate All Storm Planets in Gallente Territory

  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Promotes Khumatar Allek Berialsh to Chief Director of the RSS Planetary Security Khumatariat

  • Liberator General Nola Ashok of the Republic Justice Department Appointed Head of Republic Anti-Slavery and Trafficking Agency

  • DED – New Eden Organized Crime Smuggling Turf Wars Die Down as "Demand for Illicit Freight Forwarding and Transport Services Skyrockets"

  • DED – So-called "Deathless Network" Central to Negotiating a Peace Between Rival Gangs and Cartels Involved in Interstellar Smuggling

  • DED – Flows of Arms, Cybernetics, and Drugs from Curse, Delve, Fountain, Syndicate and Venal Regions Increase as Outer Region Criminals Exploit Interstellar Tensions