Illegal Workers Union Condemned as Protests Spread Through Caldari State

New Eden News | YC125-06-09 - By Alton Haveri

caldari cityscape Above: Caldari cities are seeing increasing protests across the State

Illegal Workers Union Condemned as Protests Spread Through Caldari State

New Caldari Prime – Civil unrest in the Caldari State over new rationing has reached new heights as an illegal workers union declares plans for stoppages. According to a statement issued by workers from each of the "Big Eight" megacorporations, strikes will be held throughout the State unless their demands are met. These demands include an end to rationing, protections against forced conscription, and abandoning the employee corporate classification system.

Signed by “The United Champions of Freedom”, invoking a reference to the Brothers of Freedom who led a violent uprising against the corporate state over 15 years ago, the statement was delivered via a statewide broadcast over hijacked channels. The reader of the statement has been identified as Sumalee Daeng, a former official of the Wiyrkomi Corporation State Union (WCSU). As Wiyrkomi's affiliate to the Caldari State Workers Union, the WCSU has been quick to disavow Daeng and the newly formed United Champions of Freedom (UCF) as “agitators who refuse to do their duty in a time of war.”

The UCF statement went on to say: “Our concerns were brought before the corporate and state unions, and fell on deaf ears. We have tried to organize protests by peaceful means, and we have been denied. Now we secure our right to protest by force. We will not be silenced, nor will we fail to defend ourselves in the face of state-sanctioned violence.” This has raised concerns that there may be a connection between the UCF and reports from several megacorporation manufacturing facilities that a number of military vessels and armaments have gone missing.

CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki has refused to acknowledge the illegal UCF union or respond directly to their statement. Executive General Heika Torigo was more forthcoming and told the Scope: “The State will not tolerate the theft of State assets or disruption of our critical infrastructure. Any who plan to participate in such activities can expect to feel the full force of the law. Though we always aim to resolve industrial disputes peacefully, we will not be cowed or held hostage by criminal and rebels.” Corporate security forces are responding to a number of incidents being described as "criminal disturbances" and "terrorist actions" across the State.

aguard gal cityscape Above: President Celes Aguard is pressing on with legislation despite protests

Federation Senate Passes Automated Industry for Democracy Act with Comfortable Majority

Villore, Essence – The Gallente Federation Senate has passed the Automated Industry for Democracy Act into law, despite ongoing protests over the United Response Act. Two-thirds of the Senate backed the bill proposed by President Celes Aguard, which loosens the legal restrictions on AI development. This includes an updated definition of Restricted AI that is no longer in conformity with all CONCORD guidelines.

President Aguard has refused requests to comment on any differences between the new Federation legislation and CONCORD’s more stringent recommendations but was willing to say that she took the view that the Federation's previous laws had been “outdated”. The President added that, “in order to maintain a competitive advantage the Federation must not be afraid to play to its strengths. Advanced robotics has always been one of those strengths. The AID Act will free our citizens from drudgery with more efficient automation. Let machines do repetitive and taxing work, let the people use their talents to build a better future and a stronger democratic nation.”

CONCORD’s Department for Restriction on Artificial Intelligence and Life (DERAIL) has issued an official statement condemning the changes to Federation law as “reckless” and “short-sighted”. When asked if CONCORD leadership had any plans to intervene, representatives were quick to play down any threat of bringing the matter before the Inner Circle or the CONCORD Assembly but added that, “We will be watching closely and judging any future development by our own standards – not by scales asjusted to suit any single empire or nation.”

caldari ship man fac Above: Caldari State and corporate forces are mobilizing to secure critical military infrastructure

News in Brief

  • Federation Vice Admiral Foriana Revelli Meets with Chief Councillor Jonas Ivestara to Discuss Security of Intaki System

  • Caldari Navy Marines Institute Lockdowns of "Critical Military Zones" on Jita 4-4 Trade Hub as Protests Spread

  • Minmatar Tribal Council Meets to Discuss New Industrial Policy, Economic Migration, and Military Recruitment

  • Former Associate of Esri Hakuzosu Reported Assassinated by Osmon Surveillance "Kill Team" on Hyasyoda Station in Nuken System

  • Protestors in New Riennes Pushed Back from Family Residence of President Aguard by Mies IV Planetary Gendarmes

  • Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Troops Carry Out Sweeps of Jita 4-4 Trade Hub "Dark Sectors" in Search for "Terrorist Cells"

  • Amarr Empire's Holders Reaffirming Oaths of Loyalty to Empress and Heirs Following Military Emancipation Edict and Reforms

  • Former President Jacus Roden Hosts "Informal Meeting" of Gallente Industrialists to Discuss United Response Act

  • Spacelane Patrol Forces Handover Large Number of "Criminal Agitators" from Jita 4-4 Moon Colony to Wiyrkomi Peace Corps

  • Foiritan Commission on YC122 Election Attacks Holds Secure Session with Senate Defense Committee

  • Ministry of War Slave Recruitment Ships Begin Visiting Major Industrial and Agricultural Worlds of Amarr Empire

  • Republic Justice Department and Republic Security Services in Jurisdiction Dispute After Disturbances Among Turnur Refugees

  • Commando Zohar Assault Group Strikes at Society of Conscious Thought Kitz in Geminate Region According to Unconfirmed Reports

  • DERAIL and SARO Invoke "Exigency Clause Powers" Over Orbital Infrastructure in Pegeler Constellation Under "Directive Omega-One-Five"

  • Lai Dai Protection Services Mobilizes Security Forces in Kinakka as Strikes Reported Across Mining and Processing Colonies