Rare New Ores Discovered by Deep Space Survey Group of Upwell Consortium Corporations

New Eden News | YC124-12-05

turnur star disrupted Above: Disrupted Turnur I star in aftermath of extreme stellar event

Rare New Ores Discovered by Deep Space Survey Group of Upwell Consortium Corporations

Yulai, Genesis – A group consisting of the Ducia Foundry, Eifyr and Co., Mordu's Legion, and Ytiri corporations has announced the discovery of a new range of rare ores bearing concentrated desposits of minerals vital to New Eden's space-based industries. The four corporations established a special "Deep Space Survey" partnership to carry out prospecting expeditions at the edges of empire space, deep in nullsec, and even in wormhole space.

Ducia Foundry, Eifyr and Co, Mordu's Legion, and Ytiri (DEMY) are all members of the Upwell Consortium, which includes as a leading player the Outer Ring Excavations conglomerate. The four corporations of the DEMY Deep Space Survey partnership are understood to have focused their efforts on areas away from the primary surveying and exploration targets of ORE, increasing the overall reach of the Upwell Consortium's combined mineral prospecting efforts.

Exploration reports from the DEMY Deep Space Survey teams have detailed remarkable concentrations of new rare ore asteroids around blue A0 class stars, speculating that space-time distortions set up since the Triglavian Invasions, or even the extreme stellar events of Seyllin or Turnur, may be responsible for drawing denser asteroids closer to the core of star systems from more eccentric and distant orbits. The main discoveries of the group center on the new rare ores containing relatively dense and concentrated deposits of certain minerals vital to space-industrial operations.

Each of the new ore groups has been named for one of the participating corporations in the DEMY Deep Space Survey partnership:

  • Ducinium – contains concentrated deposits of Megacyte mineral
  • Eifyrium – contains concentrated deposits of Zydrine mineral
  • Mordunium – contains concentrated deposits of Pyerite mineral
  • Ytirium – contains concentrated deposits of Isogen mineral

In negotiations with the CONCORD Assembly and "Big 4" empires, the DEMY Deep Space Survey has agreed to make available the co-ordinates of a significant proportion of the asteroid clusters it has identified while retaining exclusive exploitation rights to a large share of the surveyed clusters. Public navigation systems will be updated with the data made available to CONCORD for a number of border systems, with data for particularly rich clusters associated with the blue A0 class stars also having been handed over due to the sensitivity of such locations since the Triglavian Invasions, and the Seyllin and Turnur Incidents.

DCM Moon Elevator Jita Above: Deep Core Mining Inc. Moon Elevator, Jita 4-4

Moon Mineral Reserves Conservation Compromise Reached

In a related development, representatives of Upwell and ORE itself have agreed a compromise on the long-vexed question of over-exploitation of moon mineral desposits. There have been increasing concerns raised by CONCORD Assembly member states since ORE introduced new high-efficiency targeting and drilling routines into the Upwell Consortium's Athanor and Tatara refinery platforms a year ago. The subsequent extraction rates practically doubled yields for moon-mining operators but are claimed to have laid waste to vast tracts of moon mineral reserves. The agreed compromise reduces the scope of drilling such that yields will be reduced by a quarter, allaying the worst fears of the CONCORD Assembly but retaining significant efficiency gains over the older technology.

It is believed that the Secure Commerce Commission will update public navigation databases next week, following final agreement between CONCORD and the DEMY Deep Space Survey corporations of the detailed breakdown of survey data into public and reserved clusters. The necessary firmware updates to comply with the new agreement over moon drilling and extractions between Upwell, ORE, and the CONCORD Assembly will also be rolled out in the next week.