SOCT Sounds Warning Over Uncontrolled Spread of Advanced Technology in Pirate Hands

New Eden News | YC125-05-26 - By Lina Ambre

Rafik Zohar profile x Above: Criminal Profile of Angel Cartel Assault Leader Rafik Zohar

SOCT Sounds Warning Over Uncontrolled Spread of Advanced Technology in Pirate Hands

Yulai, Genesis – Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the Society of Conscious Thought (SoCT) has warned of "grave and potentially catastrophic consequences" over the apparent uncontrolled spread of advanced technologies among networks of criminals and pirate groups across New Eden.

In remarks to journalists ahead of a CONCORD Inner Circle meeting that will include fresh negotiations on technology-sharing and technology controls between the New Eden empires. CONCORD insiders expect the issue of increasing pirate and organized crime group access to cutting-edge technology will sharply color the topic of restrictions on exploitation of so-called "ancient" technologies and those derived from sources such as the Triglavian Collective, Sleepers, or Drifters.

The Society of Conscious Thought has been so concerned by the recent activities of the self-styled "Guri Malakim" pirate group as to sponsor independent capsuleers to engage in countervailing operations targeting criminal exploitation of sites such as ancient Jove Observatories. Elder Matshi Raish emphasized the "serious risk of this alliance of thieves and murderers precipitating a new emergent risks crisis at a time when New Eden's civilization is beset by internal and internecine conflicts."

The Guri Malakim group appears to be an alliance of convenience between subgroups of the Guristas Pirates and the Angel Cartel focused on acquisition of advanced technology. Notably, the coalition is believed to be led by notorious criminal operatives and technology acquisition specialists Esri Hakuzosu and Rafik Zohar.

Hakuzosu is a Guristas agent who came to widespread notice as the leader of a ring of spies within Caldari Navy capital ship research and development programs operating out of the Jita 4-4 trade hub station. Zohar is well-known to law enforcement as the leader of a highly-capable and brutally efficient Cartel assault and retrieval team. The Commando Zohar group is responsible for a number of high-profile technology heists, culminating in the hijack of an ORE research vessel and scientists working on valuable materials compression technology.

Esri Hakuzosu profile x Above: Arrest Warrant Profile of Guristas Operative Esri Hakuzosu

CONCORD Inner Circle Meets to Negotiate Economic, Infrastructure and Technology Regulations

Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD and "Big 4" empire delegates are meeting at the Inner Circle in Yulai to negotiate a series of economic, infrastructure, and technology regulations and amendments to the Yulai Accords and Convention, despite ongoing border wars and serious conflicts over espionage and sabotage operations.

While CONCORD's leadership has been raising the alarm over rising levels of conflict and disruption across New Eden, it is pressure within the political structures of the empires that has finally forced delegates from all four empires to the negotiating table. In particular, rising concerns among the Amarr nobility at the social and economic impact of the new militancy of the Empire, together with a number of demands from significant sections of President Aguard's political coalition, are thought to have created a more pragmatic approach to the positions of the Minmatar Republic and Caldari State.

Caldari State representatives have long pursued ever-increasing policies of trade liberalization and this aim has not been dampened despite border conflicts and espionage scandals. Amarr markets have long been open to Caldari interests but recent blows to diplomatic relations between the two powers has raised fears of State market share being lost to eager Federation industrial interests. The Caldari have also found pursuit of opportunities in Minmatar markets hampered by a webbing of protections, tariffs, and privileged status regulations at every level of the Republic's complex economy.

For their part, the Republic has been keen to retain its traditionalist approach to its internal markets but has been open to easing many restrictions previously placed on Caldari interests. The Minmatar see agreements on economic stimulus, SCC taxes, and broker regulations as an essential ingredient of any deal. Minmatar negotiators are looking to level the economic playing field and promote investment in their domestic industries.

The Empire and Federation have largely agreed to do away with many restrictions on travel and trade that previously existed between the two polities. A number of economic sanctions and retaliatory tariff packages levied by each against numerous industries and political interests in the other empire have been repealed. The Amarr and Federation are now seeking agreements to combat widespread smuggling and vast flows of undeclared and illegal funds across New Eden. Even though domestic pressures and policy goals have brought the "Big 4" back to the negotiating table, observers expect hard bargaining over every point at issue.

Intaki V orbital infra Above: Federation Navy Military Infrastructure in Orbit of Intaki Prime

Agreement on Intaki Assembly Coalition Still Deadlocked in Third Week of Talks

Intaki, Placid – The prospects for an agreement between elected Intaki Assembly members over the construction of a working coalition remain deadlocked at the end of a third week of talks on Intaki Prime.

Final returns from outlying Assembly wards on other planets and space colonies in the Intaki system, and from eligible non-domiciled Intaki system citizens, have not substantially changed a political calculus set by the results of elections held during the first week of May. From a total of 319 of the 547 seats available, the previously ruling moderate faction headed by Chief Councillor Vera en Sullacio fell to only 234 elected members.

Despite this blow, the moderate faction made up of members of local Intaki affiliates of the Federalist-Liberal and Labor-Populist parties, together with the Intaki Social Co-operative Party, remains the largest bloc in the Intaki Assembly. The politically insurgent Intaki Autonomists led by Jonas Ivestara were able to claim 202 seats, while the radical nationalists of Intaki Lamkatka headed by Siaka Idama won 83 seats. The remaining 28 seats are held by a diverse collection of local parties and independent politicians unlikely to join with any other grouping.

With serious differences of policy and long-term goals existing between the Autonomists and Intaki Lamkatka it has proven impossible for the two to forge a coalition that could govern Intaki. While Vera en Sullacio has the option of formally declaring a minority administration and requesting Federation authorities recognise her government on that basis, she has clearly been reluctant to take a step that would be highly incendiary in the present political atmosphere on Intaki Prime.

Many eyes are now turning to the Intaki Social Co-operative Party, with its 63 seats representing a possible means for the Autonomists to build a coalition within striking distance of a majority. Intense discussions within the moderate faction are being watched carefully by all as respected members of the Autonomists approach moderate and independent members of the Assembly. Federation political and military authorities have remained tight-lipped on the ongoing impasse, referring all inquiries to the Intaki System Elections Commission and the caretaker administration still presided over by Vera en Sullacio.

RF Border Outpost Hek Otou Above: Minmatar Border Outpost in Hek Watches Over Stargate to Otou

News in Brief

  • Minmatar Border Forces Intercept Shipment of Weapons Bound for "Dissident Terrorists" Based in Hek V Refugee Camps

  • Amarr Empire's Shipcaster Development Program Makes Several Advances as Republic Maintains Steady Progress

  • Tribal Liberation Force's Pincer Offensive in Devoid and Bleak Lands Takes Roushzar as Arzad Defenses Hold

  • Empress Catiz I Summons Heads of Major Houses to Dam-Torsad for Conclave of Imperial Vassals

  • Upwell Consortium's Deep Space Survey Shares Test Data as ORE Scientists Deploy New Drill Extraction Programs

  • Chairman Akimaka Saraki Arrives in Landfall City for CEP Summit on Domestic and Foreign Interstellar Trade Balances

  • Federal Defense Union Counter-Offensive in Placid Liberates Reschard, Frarie, and Eugales Systems

  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Visits Mikramurka Coastal and Industrial Communities at Invitation Chief Acassa Midular

  • Royal Khanid Navy Reportedly Uses "Experimental Weapon" to Destroy Blood Raider Cult Base on Balanaz V

  • President Celes Aguard Meets with Senior Progressive Union Senators to Discuss Legislative Program

  • Attempted Aenebra Slaying of Newly-Elected Intaki Lamkatka Assembly Member Foiled by "Free Intaki Army Bodyguards"

  • No Relief for Tourists on Matar's Jade Coast as Unseasonal Rains Swell Rivers and Flood Beach Resorts

  • "Renegade Warclones" Fight Way Out of SARO Ambush on Miroitem VI After Attempting Rescue of Angel Cartel Kingpin