The Scope – CONCORD Upstaged by the Deathless Over Smuggler Network

New Eden News | YC124-05-07

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports on the Smugglers Fighting Back as the Deathless Upstages CONCORD at Jita 4-4.

The Scope News in Brief

  • Embarrassment for CONCORD as Notorious Underworld Figure Interrupts Briefing on Future of Security in New Eden

  • Federation Navy and Customs in Kiartanne, Obray, and Patrie Constellations Reportedly Mobilizing to High Alert

  • Speech by Chairman Akimaka Saraki Garners High Approval Ratings Across Caldari State as Megacorps Present United Front

  • DED's Special Affairs for Regulations & Order Units Attacked by the Deathless in Call for Capsuleers to Defy CONCORD

  • Hetman General Kanth Filmir Returns to Metropolis Fleet HQ in Amo After Overseeing Floseswin IV Planetary Defense Reinforcement

  • Federal Senate Subcommittee on Caldari-Gallente Relations Opens Investigation into Missing Diplomat Leopold en Villari

  • Senior Figures in Krullefor Organization and Intara Family Reported to Have Escaped Capture by SARO Commandos in Ikami System

  • Intaki Assembly Debates Mobilization of Intaki Prime Reserve Militia as Diplomatic Crisis Sends Shockwaves Through Population

  • Signatures of Smuggler Sites Confiscated by CONCORD's SARO Released to Capsuleers by the Deathless

  • Imperial Guard Inspections of Security and Planetary Defenses Beginning in Arzad and Sosala Systems

  • President Celes Aguard Chairs Federal Security Council Meeting on Diplomatic Crisis with Caldari State

  • Onikanabo and Seykal Mercenaries Moving to "Secure Illegal Assets and Provide Security for Criminals" According to CONCORD Reports

  • CONCORD Conflict Monitoring Mission in Placid Increased in Size as Militia Warfare Continues to Rage in Caldari-Gallente Warzone

  • Rumors of "Vigorous" Disputes Between House Kador and House Sarum at Privy Council Sweep Through Amarr Empire Holder Houses

  • FIO's Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security Reportedly Interviewing All Associates of Leopold en Villari

  • No Comment from DED or SARO as CONCORD Authorities Seek to Limit Damage and Continue Anti-Smuggler Crackdown