The Scope – Conflict in the North

New Eden News | YC125-06-15 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Conflict in the North

Alton Haveri reports on The Initiative departure from The Imperium Coalition and the ongoing conflict in the north where millions have perished already.

News in Brief

  • Markets Across New Eden Adjusting to SCC Surcharges on Broker Fees and Industrial Operating Costs

  • Federation Agents Pursue Ex-Senator and Terrorist Leader Thibauld Tailler Following Gallentia Primacy Attacks

  • Upwell Consortium Board Meets to Consider Commercial Strategy in Light of "Regulatory Challenges"

  • Caille Rogue Drone Cultural Exchange Society Raided by Black Eagles Agents Investigating Industrial AI Subversion

  • Guristas Pirates Ambushed by Intaki Space Police and Caldari Navy in Attempted Convoy Raid in Syndicate

  • Royal Houses Report Significant Increase in Recruitment as Slaves Opt for Military Emancipation Path

  • Reports from Eugales IV Indicate Renegade Artificial Intelligence Subsurface Facilty Destroyed by Svarog Clade

  • Angel Cartel's Rafik Zohar Reportedly Evades Assassination Attempt as Associates of Guri Malakim Go Into Hiding

  • Society of Conscious Thought Urges CONCORD and Empires to Maintain Restrictions on AI and Ancient Technology

  • Republic Military, Security, and Police Authorities Join Forces to Combat Ashes of Turnur Seditionists

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Meets with DERAIL and SARO Officers to Assess Triglavian Planetary Incursions in Eugales

  • Amarr Empire's Order of St. Tetrimon Hunts Disciples of Purity as Group Declared Apostates by Theology Council

  • Chairman Akimaka Saraki Attends Mass Induction of New Military Conscripts at Landfall Shrine on New Caldari Prime

  • Industrial Output of Minmatar Republic Projected to Rise at Significantly Higher Rate Due to Itinerant Forge Program

  • Federation's Black Eagles Sweep Eugales VI in Search of Illegal "Instances and Backups of Unrestricted AI Networks"