The Scope – Empires Fight Shadow War

New Eden News | YC125-03-28 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Empires Fight Shadow War

Alton Haveri reports on the Shadow War between the four empires vying for mastery of Triglavian technology and to construct an Interstellar Shipcaster.

The Scope – News in Brief

  • Mercenaries Raiding Research Facilities Likely Trading with Pirate and Empire Interests says DED

  • Capsuleer Warfare in Pure Blind Continues With Further Fighting in X47L-Q and J-CIJV

  • DED's Warranted Regulation of Interstellar Technology Sharing (WRITS) Unit Expelled from Republic

  • Tenth Anniversary of Battle of Caldari Prime Marked by Capsuleers in Luminaire

  • Demonstrations on Intaki Prime Continue as Autonomists Push for Assembly Elections on Schedule

  • Widespread Gains on Kimotoro Stock Exchange as Trade with Minmatar Republic Forecast to Increase

  • Technology Shadow War Between Empires Reportedly Leading to Extensive Shipcaster and Transmuter Research Leaks

  • Valklear General Kril Efrit Broadcasts to Minmatar Republic Urging Enlistment in Tribal Liberation Force

  • EDENCOM Raids Guristas Pirates Bases in Placid Under Mandate of AEGIS Shipping Security Provisions

  • SCC Commissioners Express Doubts Over Viability of WRITS Unit Following Expulsions from Republic and State

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Assault on Eugidi Constellation Continues as Amarr Empire Recovers Territory

  • Battle of Caldari Prime Remembered by Chief Executive Panel in Ceremony at Landfall Shrine

  • Gallente Police Directorate in Shoot Out with Aenebra Hit Squad in Outskirts of Kainta Yavaat

  • Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates Reportedly Agree Division of Smuggling Routes in Spheres of Influence

  • Heavy Fighting Between Capsuleer Alliances in Querious Region Spills Over into Khanid Kingdom

  • Republic Command Refuses to Comment on Reports of Fighting with Triglavians and Warclones in Floseswin

  • Caldari Heavy Industrial Concerns Anticipating Influx of Raw Materials from Minmatar Republic

  • RSS Investigators Visit Eugales to Gather Evidence of Terrorism at Invitation of NOH Internal Security

  • Quafe Company Negotiates New Contracts with Native Freshfoods for Food and Drink Processing in Republic

  • Amarr-Caldari Splinterz League Confirms New Season Despite Speculation of Cancellation