The Scope - Extreme Stellar Event Devastates Turnur

New Eden News | YC124-11-04 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports on the devastating stellar event which occurred in Turnur yesterday, its cataclysmic consequences for the system's smoldering first planet, and an uncertain future to come following the Amarr Empire’s completion of the Stellar Transmuter research that precipitated this catastrophe.

The Scope News in Brief

  • Demonstrations and Protests Over Turnur Incident Continue in Federation and Republic

  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Granted Expanded Emergency Powers by Tribal Council

  • Aftermath of Extreme Stellar Event in Turnur Still Unstable According to Scientists

  • Fate of 'The Absolver' and His Followers in the Nomadic Clans of Turnur I Unknown

  • Imperial Chancellor of Amarr Empire Reporedly Mediating in Dispute Between MIO and Tetrimon Order

  • Unstable Wormhole Activity Fluctuating While Local Spacetime 'Oscillates Towards Equilibrium'

  • Gallente Academics in Hedion Expelled from Amarr Empire by Order of Lord Aslan Ul-Qosh

  • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Orders Secondary Planetary Defenses on Matar Activated with Tertiary on Standby

  • EDENCOM's Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Reiterates Call for Diplomatic Solution to Transmuter Crisis

  • Amarr Ministry of War Transfers Five Capital Ship Groups to Tash-Murkon Military Circuit

  • President Celes Aguard Announces Wartime Security Measures in Placid and Mobilization of Reservists

  • Tribal Council Steps Up Evacuation Efforts in Egmar and Vard as a 'Precaution' Against Further Amarr Aggression

  • Triglavian Forces Spotted in Turnur Recorded Analyzing Star and Transmuter Debris Cloud

  • Amarr Court Chamberlain Meets with Lords Arim Ardishapur and Arrach Sarum at Consular Palace on Tanoo II

  • Republic Justice Department Adds Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh to Most Wanted Criminals List

  • Leaked Documents Indicate Lai Dai Megacorp Co-Operation with Khanid Kingdom on 'Special Scientific Projects'

  • Valklear General Kril Efrit of Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army Orders STRA Support Fleets to Assist Egmar and Vard Refugees

  • University of Hedion Eparch-Chancellor Lodges Petition of 'Basilocephaly' with Theology Council Courts

  • EDENCOM Monitors in Pochven Report 'Widespread, Large-Scale, and Rapid Increases in Triglavian Activity' Following Turnur Incident

  • Caldari Navy Home and Border Fleets Enhanced by Megacorporation Security Force Squadrons

  • Hetman General Kanth Filmir Commends TLF as Republic Seeks Parity in Stellar Transmuter Technology