The Scope – Fight Against Smugglers and Growing Diplomatic Crisis

New Eden News | YC124-05-03

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports on the ongoing fight against smugglers and growing diplomatic crisis between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.

The Scope News in Brief

  • CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department Briefs Inner Circle on Extensive Smuggling Network Across New Eden

  • Caldari Milita Warzone Counter-Offensive in Placid Retakes Intaki System and Pushes Back in Black Rise

  • Guristas Reportedly Receive Large Cache of Stolen Materials from Capsuleers Loyal to Pirate Group

  • Federal Senate Refuses to Comment on Status of Leopold en Villari While Protesting Caldari Warrant for Arrest

  • Thukker and Caldari Organized Crime and Mercenary Organizations Reported Co-Operating in Smuggling Enterprise

  • Delegates to Interstellar Anti-Smuggling and Counter-Piracy Conference Arrive at Jita 4-4 Ahead of Summit

  • Hunt for Guristas Spy Esri Hakuzosu Continues as Intelligence Indicates Renegade Caldari Agent on the Move in Venal

  • Intaki Assembly Members Express Concerns at Reported Involvement of Onikanabo Brigade in Smuggling Network

  • Empress Catiz I Deploys Units of Imperial Guard to Devoid and Bleak Lands to Monitor Planetary Security Situation

  • Federal Defence Union Takes Hasmijaala Following Push on Caldari Mining and Production System

  • Guristas Unleash So-Called "Deweaseling Brigades" in Venal Stations as Outlaws Seek to Eliminate Informers

  • Krullefor Organization Working with Seykal Clan's Expeditionary Group to Smuggle Illegal Weapons According to ACN Report

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Holds in Aset and Continues Occupation of Klogori System Despite Minmatar Pressure

  • Increasing Alarm on Intaki Prime and in Placid as Caldari Rhetoric Over en Villari Connection to Spying Heats Up

  • Tribal Liberation Force Consolidates in Amarr-Minmatar Warzone as Republic Justice Department Raids Slaver Bases

  • Intara Family Denies Claims by Wiyrkomi Corporation that State Corporate Law Broken by Intara Direct Action