The Scope – Mass Capsule Hijack by Guristas Infiltrators at Jita 4-4

New Eden News | YC124-04-07

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports on a dramatic mass hijack of capsules at Jita 4-4, as the Caldari State hunts for infiltrators and combats increasing Guristas Pirates activity.

The Scope News in Brief

  • Caldari State Forces on High Alert as Large Spike in Guristas Pirate Activity Reported by Monitoring Stations

  • Gallente Accusations of Indiscriminate Warzone Looting by Caldari Corporate Security Disputed by Megacorporations

  • Guristas Pirates Interception and Raiding Fleets Detected Crossing into State Territory by Caldari Navy

  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Convenes First Meeting of Tribal Council of Chiefs Following Confirmation by Assembly

  • Caldari Megacorporations Deploy Corporate Security Forces in Reaction to Increased Guristas Activity

  • Further Reports from Athounon VI Confirm Federal Marines Engaged a Veles Clade "Raid in Force" on Planetary Surface

  • Jita 4-4 Reserve Capsule Hangars Under Lockdown and Investigation Following Mass Launches Using Capsuleer Docks Evacuation Protocols

  • Intaki System Control Recovered by Federal Defense Union in Latest Push by Gallente Militia Forces in Warzone

  • Skarkon II Resistance Leader Kril Efrit Accuses "Warclone Collaborators" of Directing Triglavian Attack on SOE Mission

  • EDENCOM Deploys AEGIS Rapid Reaction Force to Serthoulde Constellation in Response to Athounon Incursion

  • Raids on Guristas Capital Ship Facilities by Caldari State Forces Indicate More Shipyards Scattered Across New Eden

  • Imperial Court Sources Report Full Privy Council Meeting Will Begin Today in Dam-Torsad Imperial Palace on Amarr Prime

  • Guristas Affiliated Hijack and Smuggling Gang Based in Pegeler Constellation Arrested by SARO Agents

  • Federal Senate Delegation Escorted to Border by Caldari Navy Forces Amidst Increased Guristas Threat

  • CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency Reportedly Passing Information on Guristas Mobile Base in Venal to Caldari State Authorities

  • Minmatar Republic Justice Department "Liberation Flights" in Devoid and the Bleak Lands Free Thousands of Enslaved Matari

  • Underworld Violence in Placid, Solitude, and Syndicate Regions Linked to Ongoing Angel Cartel Turf War with Krullefor Organization

  • Caldari Navy Marines Raiding Multiple Suspected Guristas Bases Hidden in Asteroid Belts, Moons, and Border Colonies