The Scope – ORE Release Material Compressors

New Eden News | YC124-03-15

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports ORE release of material compressors, the rescue of ORE researchers and those unfortunate ones who are still held in captivity.

The Scope News in Brief

  • Tribal Liberation Force Retakes Vard to Push 24th Imperial Crusade Out of Heimatar Following Successes in Lantorn and Siseide

  • CONCORD Peacekeepers Land on Multiple Planets in Placid and Everyshore Alongside SARO and DERAIL Police Units

  • Khumatar Allek Berialsh and Ambassador Keitan Yun Formally Propose Maleatu Shakor for Reconfirmation as Sanmatar of the Tribes

  • Ardishapur and Sarum Sword Marshals Council Agrees to Support Order of St. Tetrimon Operations in Militia Warzone

  • Brutor and Sebiestor Tribal Delegations Clash Over Militia War Strategy at Heated Tribal Assembly Sessions

  • Blood Raider Attacks on Outlying Colonies in Aridia Region on the Rise Again

  • Some Kidnapped ORE Scientists Handed Over to Angel Cartel and Serpentis Corporation by Renegade Capsuleers

  • Ishukone Watch Hires Kirkinen Risk Control for Counter-Subversion and Anti-Terrorist Operations in Pegeler Constellation

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Reports "Massive Svarog Clade Assault on Multiple Planets of Ala System in Krai Veles"

  • Outrage in Federation Media as Sansha's Nation Incursion Strikes High-Security Odilis Constellation

  • Caldari State Protectorate Seizes Vifrevaert as Assault on Federation Territory Moves to Fringes of Essence Region

  • President Celes Aguard and Chairman Akimaka Saraki Agree Protocol for "Suppression of Anti-Human Subversion in Militia Warzone"

  • Nefantar, Starkmanir and Vherokior Tribes Pursue Liberalization of Minmatar Economy in Assembly Debates Against Krusual-Thukker Bloc

  • ORE Condemns All Trade in Kidnapped Staff by Capsuleers "Not Having the Goal of Returning Our People to Their Families"

Latest News

  • Security and Sovereignty of Intaki Prime Guaranteed by New Agreement Between Gallente Federation and Caldari State

  • Guristas Pirates Implicated in Raid on Autaris House of Records Station

  • Valklear General Kril Efrit Backs Maleatu Shakor for Sanmatar in Recorded Message from Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army

  • Amarr Ministry of War Assigns Reserve Fleets to Derelik and Domain EDENCOM Garrison Duties as Amarr Regular Units Rotate Out

  • Caldari Resistance Cells in Komo and Sakenta Report Large Movements of "Bioadapted and Indoctrinated Citizens Off Planets"

  • Serpentis Corporation Accused of Complicity in Massive Smuggling of Drugs, Illegal Cyberware, and Armaments to Caldari-Gallente Warzone

  • Ardishapur Transfers Five Penal Regiments to Sarum Command as Ammatar Fleet Bolsters Jark, Uplingur and Kenobanala Fortifications

  • Sisters of EVE Expedition to Skarkon II Warns Planet Close to "Total Environmental Collapse After 18 Months of Chaotic Total War"

  • Tribal Liberation Force Offensive Pushes Metropolis Systems and Thrusts into the Bleak Lands

  • Gallente Senate Delegation Tour of New Caldari Prime Culminating in Trade and Finance Co-operation Summit in Landfall City

  • Angel Cartel's Rafik Zohar Added to Most Wanted Lists of DED, Republic Justice Department, and Gallente Police Directorate

  • Royal Heir Arrach Sarum Petitions Empress Catiz I to Hold Privy Council Meeting on Status of "Rebel Provinces"

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Reports Signs of "Limited but Persistent Amarr Resistance on Raravoss III" as Svarog Forces Scour Ruins of Port Sarum

  • Intaki Assembly Resumes Negotiations with Federal Administration Over Security and Shipping Franchise for Intaki System

  • CONCORD Conflict Monitors Assess Amarr Units Released from EDENCOM Duty as "Battle-Hardened" Sarum and Ardishapur Military Circuit Forces