Threat of Hidden Jovian Stargates Controlled by Pirates Raised by SoCT Address to CONCORD Assembly

New Eden News | YC125-08-22 - By Ret Gloriaxx

deathless data device Above: data from the Deathless Circle may be key to discovering pirate intentions

Threat of Hidden Jovian Stargates Controlled by Pirates Raised by SoCT Address to CONCORD Assembly

Yulai, Genesis – In a dramatic public address to the CONCORD Assembly, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the Society of Conscious Thought revealed the probable existence of one or more hidden Jovian stargates across New Eden. Elder Mentor Raish also raised the alarming prospect that any such gates may be under the control of major pirate organizations such as the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates.

The Elder Mentor of the SoCT focused his presentation on an analysis of data fragments recovered principally by capsuleer pilots together with a report on intelligence gathered by "Society operatives" within the network of criminals and mercenaries run by the mysterious underworld figure known only as "The Deathless". Based on the Society's preliminary analysis, stated Raish, the most recently recovered data appears with "high probability" to show an intact and possibly active stargate of Jovian design. This shocking revelation was accompanied by an overview of new intelligence gathered on the "Deathless Circle" organization, including surveillance of a high-level meeting of notorious Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates commanders with a representative of the Deathless.

partially analyzed gtfrags Above: Partially analyzed fragments recovered and reconstructed by capsuleers appear to show stargate

Pirate Technology Development Accelerating

In recent months, CONCORD and empire intelligence and security agencies have been tracking increasing levels of pirate activity, particularly involving the Angel Cartel, Guristas, and criminal organizations associated with the Deathless Circle. Capsuleers fighting Angel and Guristas pirates have also been able to recover a number of data fragments from the wrecks of command vessels, many of which show disturbing signs of increasing technical capability among the ranks of two of the largest crime and piracy groups in New Eden. Data recovered over a period of several weeks has indicated the development of two advanced pirate destroyer designs, one codenamed "Mamba" by the Guristas and another designated "Mekubal" by the Cartel.

Disturbing signs of increased co-operation between the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates, apparently brokered by the Deathless Circle, have been monitored by CONCORD for some time. The raids on SoCT research facilities and plundering of Jove Observatories by the "Guri Malakim" alliance organized by Rafik Zohar and Esri Hakuzosu appear to have heralded a confluence of interests between the Guristas and Cartel, with the Deathless orchestrating a widespread campaign of pirate activity across New Eden.

zohar hakuzosu meeting Above: surveillance image of Rafik Zohar and Esri Hakuzosu captured at meeting with Deathless Circle

Intelligence Gathered on the Deathless Circle

Elder Mentor Matshi Raish believes the latest intelligence demonstrates that, "The Deathless is enabling these major pirate groups to accelerate their technical development and the network operated by the Deathless Circle has stolen vast quantities of data and resources to these ends." The threat posed by the potential control of Jovian stargates by a coalition of the Deathless, Angels, and Guristas is "too great to be ignored" according to the SoCT.

"It is due to the dire nature of this threat that I have chosen to address the full CONCORD Assembly in open session. The reality is that the focus of the empires on their own internecine conflicts and wars with one another have degraded the security situation in New Eden. The gangsters, smugglers, and renegade mercenaries of the Deathless Circle and their pirate allies have taken advantage of the open wounds caused by war and terror to multiply like a poisonous infection," said Matshi Raish.

The Elder Mentor then elaborated on his hope that independent pilots could assist the SoCT: "I therefore look to the capsuleers of New Eden, those of good will and who have served the Society so well before. Any data or intelligence that independent capsuleers can provide to use may be forwarded directly to me via fluid router mail messaging. I am authorizing a 50 billion ISK reward for information that precisely locates any single site of what we strongly believe to be ancient Jovian stargates. Further details will be provided as our analysis efforts continue."

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